Graduates with this qualification have the skills and expertise to follow career paths in many areas, ranging from business and economics to health, education and psychology, and use their knowledge to improve their field. This degree can create a number of possibilities for work.

What is a Bachelor of Social Science?

According to the Economic and Social Research Council, social sciences help us to understand how society works by studying the behaviors of people around us, and how they influence the world. This can reveal issues within different contexts; politics, economics and businesses, therefore allowing social scientists to find solutions.

What is Studied in a Bachelor of Social Science?

While this programme can lead to a broad spectrum of career opportunities, there are six main areas that are generally focused on. These can include:

  • The scientific method
  • Qualitative social research
  • Theory
  • Philosophy of social science
  • Quantitative social research
  • Social statistics

One of the most common career choices for graduates with this degree in the US is social work, but there are many other possibilities open to students of every country.

Social Science students interested in the world of business can pursue jobs in the areas such as economics, industrial relations and statistics, and can also consider government positions like public policy, political science and public health. Some choose to apply this knowledge to a career in events management or campaign direction.

This degree will also prepare you for meticulous research, with many focuses requiring students to perform a real-world research project during their final year of study. Popular areas include demography, sociology, history, anthropology and geography. Graduates also often go on to study the effect of humans on the globe through sustainability, human ecology and international development, or offer to implement findings through environmental planning.

Who Should Pursue a Bachelor of Social Science?

This degree is often the perfect solution if you are looking to change the world or you just want to make a difference within your sphere of influence. A major emphasis is placed on research and analysis, preparing graduates to better the field in which they choose to work. Students are able to build critical thinking, problem solving, communication and organisational skills.

New York University reports that many students choose to use this degree as a springboard into a number of graduate programmes. Concentrations in history, media studies, sociology, economics or anthropology can lead to graduate studies in those areas. Students in the UK may find that combining this degree with a Bachelor in the following areas can prepare them for a variety of career choices:

  • Laws
  • Social Work
  • Economics
  • Art
  • Education

Wherever you choose to study, you will need to check the programme requirements for your specific school. You can start by looking up one of many Social Science course options available at Drew University.


Why Choose a Bachelor of Social Science?

While versatility is a major reason students choose this route, many also love the ability to focus on research and problem-solving development. These are exactly the kind of skills employers look for, which makes it easier to adapt to jobs in different fields.

Students looking to begin the following careers can benefit from this degree.

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Management Analyst

This degree is also a great start to a career in law or law enforcement, as well as religious careers and financial specialties. reports that many of the top-paying positions for graduates with this degree fall within the economics and political science fields. The number one position reported for graduates with a Bachelor of Social Science in the US is a management consultant, with salaries for this job averaging $142,000 per year. Other positions with average annual salaries of over $100,000 include investment advisors, chiefs of staff, directors of analytics, strategy managers and portfolio managers. Another high-paying career is a financial planner, with an average salary of just under $100,000.

Many students in the US with this major go on to become social workers, a job with a median annual salary of just over $45,000. Other options beyond business careers that top the charts for Bachelor of Social Science graduates include political scientists with a median salary of $102,000, sociologists with a median salary of almost $75,000, and urban planners with a median salary of $65,230.

The pay is just one part of what attracts students to a Bachelor of Social Science. The opportunity to make a change in the world and their community is a major component in the decision to pursue this degree. Whether you want to aid business leaders in improving their organizations or guide your community to better practices in social health.
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