Lethbridge College is located in the city of Lethbridge in Canada. Established in 1957, the community college offers students small class sizes, experienced professors, and excellent academic standards. The college ensures that all students feel comfortable and safe in their new environment and receive the help and guidance they need to get ahead in the professional world.


Explore The Great White North

Students travel from all across the world to study in Canadian universities. The country is known for its friendly residents, cultural diversity, and beautiful natural beauty. Canada is a modern, progressive, and multicultural country where international students can easily create a home away from home. The city of Lethbridge is located in Alberta, one of 10 Canadian provinces. Positioned on the western side of Canada, the Rocky Mountains offer a majestic view and the many lakes, forests, and mountains ensure that students can explore the great outdoors by hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing, and much more. Amidst the rugged backdrop of Alberta, Lethbridge takes its place as a close-knit community that shows the best that Canada has to offer. There are more than 70 parks, 140 km of walking and running trails and numerous sports fields scattered throughout the town, not to a mention a friendly face around every corner!  

The campus has excellent facilities and services, one of which is the Learning Café, the school’s learning assistance centre.


Thrive On Campus

Lethbridge University is located just two hours south of Calgary and it enjoys a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains. The 274-acre campus is home to over 4,000 full-time students each year and more than 100 wildlife species. The campus has excellent facilities and services, one of which is the Learning Café, the school’s learning assistance centre. This is where students go to develop their skills through one-on-one teaching via Academic Strategists and Peer Tutors on a wide array of topics, including math, science, writing, research, computers and online-learning. Study groups meet here to perfect their presentation skills and learn how to best work in a group. Workshops and presentations on time management, test taking and effective study practice are also held regularly at the Learning Café.


Academic Programs

Lethbridge College prides itself in preparing young minds for prosperous careers and futures. The college offers students over 50 diverse career-training programs in subjects such as technology, business, engineering, environmental sciences and health sciences. Students can earn post-degree one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, apprenticeships and applied degrees.  There are also many direct-transfer opportunities to Canadian universities for students who wish to study at a higher degree level. An impressive 85% of Lethbridge College graduates are now employed. This statistic is a testament to the excellent standard of teaching at the college and the support that students receive from their first day to the last.

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At Lethbridge, there is a team of people ready to help students succeed during their time at college. The professors are friendly and supportive and welcome students to their office hours to discuss any academic concerns or questions about the course materials. Academic Advisors are also on hand to give career counselling and provide information on class planning, program information, and college policies. Hands-on and experiential learning are utilised throughout the school programs and students are encouraged to participate in the many study-abroad opportunities the school provides. In these programs, students can travel the world and conduct research or engage in social services that help aid developing countries.   


Supporting International Students

Students from all around the world come to Lethbridge College to pursue their higher education in Canada. The college campus is not only safe, but beautiful, and the local community is warm and welcoming. The faculty and staff at Lethbridge understand that students who travel from overseas can have challenges integrating into their new social and academic environment. To help ease students into Canadian life, overseas students are encouraged to speak to other fellow international students to learn their experiences and hear their advice. Meeting local students, participating in extracurricular activities, and volunteering in local organisations also help students get involved on campus and to become an active and integral member of the community.

The school’s award-winning English Language Center offers English as Second Language programs that are staffed by quality teachers who support and guide international students through the program. Student Services also educates students on university processes and how best to choose classes. Students can even utilise the Student Support Program and speak to counsellors specialised in dealing with student issues and concerns.

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