Emporia State University (ESU) is a public university located in the state of Kansas in the United States. The university offers more than 65 different majors, minors and concentrations, preparing students for successful and prosperous futures.

SchoolApply interviewed Saandhyarag Sasidhar, a sophomore student at Emporia State originally from India, but born and brought up in Dubai, UAE.


Location: Emporia, Kansas (USA)

Student Name: Saandhyarag Sasidhar

Age: 19

From: India / UAE

Expected Graduation: 2019



Favourite class: Business Dynamics with Professor Nathan Woolard. The class was all about getting real life experience and I learned that it is okay to be wrong and to make mistakes because that’s the best way to learn. It’s better to have tried and failed, rather than never attempting to do so because of fear.

Favourite Event: I would have to say International Week – the entire week is dedicated to all things International! You can try various cuisines from all over the world during the Food Festival and you can have a wide assortment of tea, coffee and snacks during the Tea Festival. There is so much to do and see during this week-long event!

Emporia State University is great value for money. It is one of the very few colleges that have flat-rate tuition.

What were your school experiences like before university?

I grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and attended school there before joining Emporia State University. In Dubai, I engaged in various extracurricular activities such as theatre, sports, Yearbook Committee, Student Council, internships and volunteer work, to name a few. I was a good student, but I think more importantly, I was, and still am, a well-rounded individual. I believe that education is vital and important to succeed and prosper in today’s world. However, I think there’s a lot more out there that needs to be indulged in and experienced.


Why did you decide to pursue your higher education in the United States?

A higher education is extremely important to stay competitive and relevant in this fast-paced world. Moving to the United States definitely wasn’t an easy decision for me to make. Deciding to leave everything and everyone I knew behind to pursue a future 8,000 miles away, took an emotional and physical toll on me.

But then, I had an epiphany – pursuing my undergraduate education in the US might just be “THE” big step in the right direction for me. There would be so many lucrative opportunities, exciting experiences, academic advantages, and people to meet. Everyone around you will have their own opinions, but the moment you decide this is your goal, that is the moment when you feel like you are maturing into an adult, ready to take the world by storm!

What are you studying at Emporia State University?

I’m currently pursuing three degrees: Business Administration, Marketing, and Information Systems. I chose these three majors not only because they are closely related to each other and would open a wide array of doors for me in the future, but also because the trio of subjects just happen to be exactly what I am interested in! I think it’s quite important to enjoy what you study, especially as an international student trying to get their foot in the door to achieve the American Dream.


What were your first few days like at Emporia State University?

When I first arrived, I couldn’t wait to get some sleep due to all the jet lag! Later, after I met some university staff and other students, I felt like my energy had been renewed. Everyone at ESU radiates positive vibes – we are all one big, happy family here.

The university has International Student Ambassadors and the whole Office of International Education to ensure that overseas students have a seamless integration. They streamlined the whole orientation process but ensured that we all felt welcome and comfortable in our new environment.    

What has your experience been like as an international student at ESU?               

My overall experience at Emporia State University has been phenomenal. Emporia is a small town of about 25,000 people. There’s quite a bit to do around here, you can grab some frozen yoghurt, go to the movies, try your hand at bowling, or visit the many restaurants. The city has all these things to see and do, but it is all about how tightly integrated everyone is within the community that makes Emporia the special place it is today.

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Do you have a job on campus?                                                                                              

I’m currently working as the Student Media Assistant in the Information Technology Department. My job involves designing digital posters, graphics, maintaining various social media platforms, assisting with website design/creation, video creation, general technical support and working with the digital signage around campus. It’s a lot of fun and very engaging - right now we’re working on an interactive 360 degree mapping solution for the campus, along with various other projects.  


Do your studies at Emporia State University support your interest and talent?     

I’m currently interested in Social Media Marketing with digital design and also curating content for target audiences while staying relevant to pertinent themes. In this regard, my studies help me develop new strategies and ideologies which are further enhanced by my student job on campus.

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Emporia State University?

Emporia State University is great value for money. It is one of the very few colleges that have flat-rate tuition. Plus, ESU offers so many great academic programs. The 18:1 student to teacher ratio ensures that students get undivided attention. You are not just another nameless student to the professors at Emporia State University – each teacher gets to know their students and they genuinely want to help you succeed in all your endeavours.

Do you want to share anything with potential overseas students?

As Sir Richard Branson wisely said, “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” So, I say, just keep doing what you do, keep trying and never give up!

Five words that best describe Emporia State University:

Enriching, Welcoming, Impactful, Family, Home

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