University of Limerick (UL) in Ireland enrols over 13,000 students every year, of which more than 2,000 are international students. Part of the school’s strategic plan is largely focused on globalising the school’s academic programmes and raising the university’s international profile. Overseas students are sought after, and taken care of at this reputable institution in the Mid-West region of Ireland.

Living in Limerick 

University of Limerick is located just a few kilometres outside of the city-centre of Limerick, Ireland, and it lies on 340 acres of picturesque land on the banks of the River Shannon. With over 95,000 residents, it is the fourth most populous city in Ireland and it is only 20 kilometres away from Shannon International Airport. The breath-taking campus has lush greenery and a relaxed atmosphere. Students can enjoy nature walks, cycling, and kayaking amongst many other activities. History, culture, nature, and recreation all come together in this peaceful city along with its easy access to city amenities such as, dining and shopping. The cost of living in Limerick is lower than in other parts of the country, and the student experience is unparalleled as the university and community, strive to cater to student needs.

Preparing Students for the Future

Preparing students for life in the workplace is one of UL’s main priorities. To facilitate this goal, the university has established one of the largest cooperative education programmes in the European Union. The cooperative structure combines classroom education with practical work opportunities that earn academic course credit.

University of Limerick also boasts a high employment rate of UL graduates. UL alumni can be found working all around the world in many prestigious and influential companies such as Google, Intel, Boeing, TV3 and the IRFU (Irish Rugby Football Union).


Unwavering Support and Guidance

Adjusting to university is easier with the University of Limerick’s “First Seven Weeks” programme, where targeted guidance is given in students’ first few weeks at the school. Through this initiative, first-year students are advised on how best to settle in at UL, how to get around campus, and how to maintain their physical and mental wellness. Seminars are also held on how to sharpen study skills and how to optimise time management, amongst other useful topics.

UL’s Access Office provides important support services and information to all students. The department works on school activities, student support programmes, and outreach work in the community. They offer financial assistance to students through grants and scholarships, as well as, provide personal support through services such as the Student Counselling Centre. Furthermore, by employing an “open-door policy”, faculty and staff are easily accessible to everyone. The Access Office also gives academic support through an advisor system and tutoring options in a number of subjects.


Learn from the Best

Let us not forget the stellar faculty and staff at University of Limerick. The professors at UL are all highly experienced, and many have been given recognition for their teaching excellence. The faculty encourages critical and creative thinking, and applies a hands-on approach to learning. They are receptive to questions and are eager to aid students, to ensure that they go on to have prosperous and fulfilling professional lives.


Student Activities and Student Life at UL

Student life on campus at UL is full of fun activities, events, and organisations. There is always something interesting happening on campus, from live bands and comedy shows to sporting events, and cultural activities. There are also over 55 student-led clubs and societies for students to join.

Sports events, especially rugby, have a very special place in the Limerick community's heart. The city is home to Munster Rugby and UL is known as Ireland's Sports Campus. The school's sports facilities include the impressive University Arena, a 50-metre swimming pool, outdoor pitches, and a dedicated boathouse. With all this and more, it is easy for international students to make friends and stay social, and active at UL.

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