Lawrence University (LU), located in the state of Wisconsin in the United States, is a liberal arts college, and conservatory of music for undergraduate students from all around the world.

SchoolApply interviewed one of Lawrence University’s most active seniors, Regina Cornish Morales, to find out exactly what distinguishes Lawrence from other academic institutions.  


Location: Appleton, Wisconsin (USA)

Student Name: Regina Cornish Morales
Age: 22
From: Mexico
Expected Graduation: June 2017   



Favourite class: My favourite class and de-stressor is my Voice Lesson class. Once a week I have the opportunity to escape my usual routine and practice singing, which I love.

Favourite Event: My favourite LU events are LUaroo and Greek Week. LUaroo is Lawrence University’s annual outdoor music festival that is held on campus during the spring term. It is so much fun hanging out with your friends and enjoying the music! Greek Week is when all the Greek fraternities compete against each other in different activities such as lip-syncing, synchronized swimming, and even an eating contest!

A few words to describe Lawrence University: Individuality, passionate, thoughtful, and quirky.


How did you hear about Lawrence University and what made you decide to study there?

I heard about LU through a former high school alumnus and friend. He told me all about the college and I remember being very excited because I felt that Lawrence offered me everything that I was looking for in a university. I chose LU because I could pursue two majors, continue taking voice lessons, and also be involved in various clubs. I chose to stay at Lawrence because they gave me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. I have travelled and lived in over 20 countries while studying at LU and I am incredibly grateful for all the experiences!  

What are you studying at Lawrence University?

I am studying Government with a concentration in International Relations, specifically in development, and in developing countries. I am also majoring in Psychology where I am focusing on clinical work.

I decided to study Government because I believe that a country’s government has the greatest capacity to help its people and structure its society. Understanding the importance of good educational systems, social justice mechanisms, and an integrated society is crucial for the reduction of poverty, and the general development of a country. Governments are constructed of people, and therefore, understanding people as individuals is essential. My Psychology classes have given me crucial insight on human behaviours and personalities.

Did you have any difficulty adjusting to life in the US or at Lawrence University?

Having lived close to the Mexico/US border, I had an idea of what to expect when moving to the United States. Having said this, Appleton and Monterrey are actually different in almost every way!

Monterrey is the third-largest city in Mexico, whereas Appleton is a much smaller town. There are also stark differences in climates - the temperature in Appleton can fall to a bone-chilling -45°C! Mexico has a collectivistic culture, while in the US, people are more individualistic. To top it all off, I speak Spanish back home and English in Appleton! They are two completely different worlds, yet they both have their own charms. I overcame the differences and challenges that I faced through the support of the international community and faculty members at Lawrence.


I chose LU because I could pursue two majors, continue taking voice lessons, and also be involved in various clubs.

What were your first few days like at Lawrence University?

International student orientation began earlier than the regular orientation sessions. Personally, I thought this was great because I got to pick my side of the room first! There were only international students on campus at this time and I was able to meet people and start making friends. This made it a whole lot easier when the rest of the freshmen class showed up on campus! Having a roommate was a new and challenging experience for me, but it became easier over time.

What extracurricular activities did you take part in at LU?

I have been involved in over 20 different co-curricular clubs in my time at LU. I have really enjoyed these activities, but could only do so many by improving my time management skills!

In my first two years at Lawrence, I explored multiple organizations and clubs and had the opportunity to gain field experience in Jamaica. In my junior year, I did an internship over the summer and studied abroad for two terms in Geneva, Switzerland where I worked for the Mexican Mission for the World Trade Organization. I spent a summer in Kigali, Rwanda interning for the Health Development Initiative where I worked with a community of potters focusing on health and nutrition. Also that summer, I was invited to attend the United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ministerial conference in Nairobi, Kenya. In my senior year, I have so far been lucky to go on two field experiences to Sierra Leone. All of these adventures have strengthened my path to a more successful future.

Having taken part in many different organizations on campus, I can say that the ones I have enjoyed the most and connected with are the Sailing Team, Kappa Alpha Theta (a Greek sorority), Model United Nations (MUN), Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) and the KidsGive non-profit organisation.   


What has your academic and social experience been like at Lawrence University?

Academically, it was challenging at first, but I soon understood the teachers’ expectations and how to get the grades that I wanted. Socially, Appleton is a small city, but there are still many things to do on and off-campus. There is a shopping mall, bowling alley and movie cinema nearby and there are also numerous social and academic clubs offered at Lawrence.  

What would you say to international students who are considering studying at Lawrence University?

I would tell them that Lawrence University is a great undergraduate school that encourages students to engage in various academic and social activities that enrich their entire college experience.

LU faculty and staff are friendly and helpful; they ensure that every student receives support and guidance when needed and that every student feels like they have a voice and a place in the campus community.  

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