The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is located in county Carlow, in the south east region of Leinster province, Ireland. Carlow boasts a youthful community with a wide range of restaurants, clubs, shops and entertainment - it is also only 80 kilometres away from the capital city of Dublin. Additionally, the town’s rich heritage and beautiful landscapes provide students with the opportunity to delve into Irish history and enjoy the great outdoors.

SchoolApply had the opportunity to interview Xining Wang, a 27-year old Chinese student currently studying for her Master’s degree at the Institute of Technology Carlow.  


Location: Carlow, Ireland

IT Carlow

Student Name: Xining Wang

Age: 27

From: China


Favourite class: My favourite classes were about Early Childhood Care & Education. I might even study this subject more after graduation.

Favourite Activity: My favourite activity is the Horse Riding Society! Before I came to Ireland, I took a 6-month horse riding course in China and I’m happy to continue riding here in Carlow. I really love this sport!

A few words to describe IT Carlow: Innovative, Friendly, Excellent services.

IT Carlow

IT Carlow is a modern, hi-tech and practical college.

What were your school experiences like before IT Carlow?

Before IT Carlow, I completed a Bachelor’s course in Art at Sichuan Normal University in China. It was a fantastic programme that really sparked my creativity. After graduation I worked for several years as a teacher, which brought about my interest in continuing to study education and pedagogy.

Why did you decide to study at IT Carlow in Ireland?

After working for several years, I realised that I wanted to learn more and expand my knowledge. I had a great interest in learning about children and I chose to study at IT Carlow because they offered a Master’s course called Child, Youth & Family Studies which met my interests at the time.

Also, Ireland offers a visa to international students for up to two years after graduation so they can find an appropriate work position. This, along with my chosen programme, was very appealing to me, so I applied right away!

IT Carlow

Did you have any difficulties adjusting to life in Ireland?

I am a very independent person by nature, so moving to a new city and college was not a big problem for me. I have enjoyed getting to know the area and learning about a culture that is totally different from my own.

Tell us about your initial experiences at IT Carlow.

The international student induction was a great experience for me! All international students have a 2-week induction period that caters specifically to any issues or challenges they might face. This induction was very useful as it helped me to get to know more about Ireland, Carlow, and the Institute. The school also offers international students a special English course, held once a week, to improve their English language abilities.

What types of student services and activities are offered at IT Carlow?

IT Carlow provides many student services such as a Games Area, Career Services, and a Health Centre. There is also a student union and numerous groups and societies that students can join to fully enjoy their time at college.   

IT Carlow

Did you have a job while studying at IT Carlow?

Yes, I have a placement in a preschool in the area. Hands-on experience is incredibly important, and I am glad to earn practical knowledge, along with academic skills during my time here at IT Carlow.  

What would you say about IT Carlow to other students considering applying?

It is important to know that IT Carlow does not have a student dormitory on campus. All students can easily book accommodation online, however, through the numerous websites that the institute provides.

IT Carlow is a modern, hi-tech and practical college. The community is very friendly and the teaching staff provides a lot of support to international students. Carlow is a quiet town and overall, IT Carlow is a good place to study.

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