University may be difficult especially when arriving in a new country and settling in. But time flies by and before you know it the first year is over. Now that you have settled in, made new friends and know which buildings your classes are in, don't forget that after all this ends, you will be entering into the big scary world looking for a job.

This best advice I could give you is don’t let this catch you off-guard, and the way to avoid this, is to enroll in internship programs while you are studying. Internships are a great way to set your CV apart from the rest.  And while one good internship sets a very good precedent, three or four makes you the student to be noticed.

If you think about it, there are many reasons why you should get an internship while at university. But don't worry, we’ve thought about these reasons for you… you’re welcome!

Reason One: You Can Make Industry Contacts

Making industry contacts will help you in more ways than one when you actually step out into the job market and start the grueling process of applying for jobs. If prospective employers are already familiar with your work then you are in a good place when you apply for a certain position with them. Your CV will be looked at and placed in a higher position than that of someone that they have never met or heard of before.

Reason Two: Internships Make Your Resume Look Great

If you have done more than one internship or if you have done one at a really good globally recognised company, then your CV will be more attractive to potential employers. This shows that you are adaptable, can fit into many environments and do many roles, it also showcases your range of skills; all very important for employers today.

Reason Three: You Can Convert Your Academic Knowledge Into  Skills in the Workplace

You will be able to take what you have learnt at university and use that in a practical environment. By backing your practical abilities with your academic knowledge, you can gain the favour of your employer, and give them a sense of reassurance in your abilities and capabilities.

Reason Four: You Can Find Your True Calling

By doing more than one internship you are better able to gauge your strengths and interests. Sometimes a job may look glamorous on paper but in reality may not be the right fit for you. Internships let you test the waters and find your niche in terms of what makes you happy. For example, if you acquire a degree in Media, PR and Advertising, but during your internship at an advertising agency you realise this is not your cup of tea, you may want to try another field, say PR, and you may find that’s where your true calling is.

Reason Five: You Can Gain Unforgettable Life Experiences

You will learn a lot from your internship that will help you in your future career. This could be in terms of processes, acquiring and polishing a certain skill, or maybe even just gaining an insight into how you can do something better, in a shorter period of time and more efficiently. So stay alert and absorb as much as you can and put yourself forward. Show and prove to your employer that you have something to offer wherever and whenever you can. If you are willing, you can be sure that you will leave an internship loaded with a wealth of knowledge.

In conclusion, internships have many benefits, starting with giving you a taste for a work environment, helping you develop skills you may have never thought you ever had, opening doors and future doors when you start job hunting. More importantly it helps you pave the path to a career that you will be happy doing.