Known for their high academic standards and welcoming atmospheres, Canadian universities are popular with international students wanting to pursue their higher education abroad. In this regard and more, Nipissing University located in North Bay, Ontario in eastern Canada definitely lives up to all expectations.

Nipissing University is consistently ranked as one of the best learning institutions in Canada by national reports such as Maclean’s Student Survey and the Globe and Mail University Report Card. The university receives top marks for Quality of Teaching, Campus Atmosphere, Class Size, Student Residences, and Academic Support Services.

These excellent learning standards coupled with its picturesque landscape, make Nipissing University a wonderful study abroad destination for international students. Read on to find out more!


Engage in a Truly Canadian Experience

Nipissing University campus spans over an impressive 291 hectares of land in the rocky Canadian Shield area of Ontario. Many lakes, ponds, and streams are strewn across the beautiful city, as well as numerous hiking trails. Nipissing University also boasts a stunning waterfall right on campus. The breath-taking views in North Bay ensure students maintain an important and strong connection with nature and the great outdoors.  

North Bay is only a 3.5-hour drive from Toronto and a 4-hour drive from the capital city of Ottawa, making it convenient to reach major international airports and the sights and sounds of two vibrant and diverse Canadian cities.


Providing Essential Guidance and Support

Nipissing University supports its international student community in many ways, one of which is the International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP). This program was formed to aid first-year international students to acclimatize to their new surroundings and form friendships and associations that will enrich their lives, both academically and socially, throughout their tenure at Nipissing University and beyond.

In the ISMP, current university students volunteer to be mentors to new overseas students. The group organizes several trips, social events, and activities to help international students settle into Nipissing and North Bay. They give guidance to students on school work, housing, how to get around the city, and much more.


What Makes Nipissing University Special

Nipissing University offers a multitude of undergraduate courses and programs to its students through its many top-ranked departments: The Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies, The Faculty of Arts and Science, The Schulich School of Education, and The School of Graduate Studies. Students can also pursue Master’s level programs in Education, Environmental Science/Environmental Studies, History, Kinesiology, Mathematics or Sociology, and also earn a Ph.D. in Education.

Professors at the university are engaging, accomplished, and supportive of students. They encourage interaction and meaningful dialogue and are also available outside classroom hours to discuss coursework or any other issue that students may be facing within the classroom. Small class sizes spur more interactive and personal class discussions and also mean that professors know their students by name. The teachers embolden each and every student to participate in the classroom to make their voice heard.


Nipissing University Student Facilities and Services

Nipissing University has impressive student facilities and services, and many of them are provided for free when you present your student ID.

As a result of a recent expansion of the R.J. Surtees Athletic Centre, this facility now comprises three gymnasiums, two international squash courts, a fitness center, a cardio studio, and a weight room. The Harris Learning Library, popular with all the students, also has state-of-the-art facilities including expanded print collections, dedicated spaces to study and socialize, collaborative workrooms, and adaptive technology rooms.

Nipissing University provides students with many academic and personal services, such as Academic Advisement, Financial Services, and Personal Counselling to name a few. The overall well-being of its students is centre to the university’s ethos and Nipissing continuously strives to maintain, improve, and expand what it offers to students.


Discovering Nipissing and North Bay

When it comes to making the most of your free time, Nipissing University does not disappoint with its wide array of activities to enjoy. The institution offers varsity and intramural sports activities to students and also a wide variety of clubs and organizations that further students’ general well-being.

Just off-campus, students can find even more to do in the beautiful city of North Bay such as enjoy the local YMCA - complete with a swimming pool, a ski and snowboarding hill, biking paths, walking trails, and several public beaches ideal for swimming and canoeing.


Experience Stellar Student Housing

Did we mention that all first-year, full-time students are guaranteed a private single room within their residence suites and townhouses? Campus housing comes with its own fair share of activities and socializing, so students can look forward to many a movie night, potluck dinners, and group studying sessions while living on-campus. Student leaders also give useful (and at times, essential) tutorials on the basics of doing laundry and cooking, and how to immerse yourself in the local community.

A transit pass is included as part of your student fees, making moving around the city efficient and hassle-free for all students.

The student experience at Nipissing University is fulfilling, engaging, and memorable. If you wish to study there, submit an application now for Nipissing’s programs.