If you have just completed high school, a fresh start and exciting opportunities are on the horizon. However it would be only natural that this excitement is coupled with some trepidation as you decide between getting a job or enrolling in college.

If you are unsure about whether investing the time and money into getting a degree is worth it, that’s understandable. True, college is expensive, and even more so if you are applying to Study abroad! We however are here to tell you that getting a Bachelor’s degree is worth the investment.

Getting a Job Versus Getting a Degree

Going straight into the workforce and earning a salary may seem appealing right out of high school, but in the long run, this choice will close the doors of opportunity and limit your range of pay. A huge percentage of employers won't even consider candidates without a degree. Having a college education will open up a world of opportunity, allow you to make more money in the long run, and if you decide to pursue your degree abroad, this will leave you with a priceless, international experience.

Don’t Let the Costs Scare You

The cost of a bachelor’s degree can vary from country to country. According to QSTopUniversities, the cost of a bachelor’s degree from the popular international destinations of the US, UK or Canada can range from about USD 12,000 USD to 30,000. US University costs tend to be on the more expensive side of this spectrum. If you have the money to pay for this, then this should be an easy decision for you. But, if you don’t, there are options for you too, ranging from acquiring a student loan to getting a part of full scholarship and/or financial aid. The key is to look at this not as a cost but an investment.

What and Where to Study

This piece will specifically focus on colleges in the US, UK and Canada. Colleges in these popular destinations offer a plethora of academic choices. The first step however towards choosing a degree that is well suited to you would be to identify your strengths and interests. You may also want to consider what are the most sought after degrees and what could a bachelor’s degree in these subjects earn you when you get out into the workforce.  

Some of the most sought after bachelor’s degrees according to USA Today are Accounting, Business Administration and Liberal Arts. Here is what each of them can earn you and some great schools you could apply to.

1) Bachelor’s in Accounting

This is great choice for students who enjoy mathematics and statistics. This degree prepares students for accounting careers within small and large businesses. Roosevelt University in Chicago offers top quality education in the areas of accounting and finance. Tuition is 28,000 USD a year, and the school also has many viable financial aid options. Accounting degrees can earn a new graduate USD 60,000 USD per year.

2) Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Business Administration is another popular degree. This degree offers a wide range of opportunities in business and entrepreneurship. Regent’s University London, with a tuition of USD 22,000  offers top notch Business programmes and of course the opportunity to study in the vibrant city of London. Business graduates generally start out with a salary of USD 54,000 per year and lots of room for growth.

3) Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts

A Liberal Arts degree generally covers a range of disciplines such as Literature, Mathematics and Psychology. Seneca College, a liberal arts college in Toronto, Canada offers a wonderful Liberal Arts programme; its annual tuition fee is CAD 21,000. This degree is a great choice for students who are still unclear about their career prospects. Some possible employment opportunities could be in the fields of public relations, graphic design, teaching etc. Salaries would vary depending on the field you choose.  

In short, investing in bachelor’s degree, is an investment into your future and we hope you now have the tools to get you started on this new journey.