London has long served as a hub for international students looking to get a world-class degree that is globally recognized. With nearly 50 universities and about 100,000 international students studying in the city every year, it’s a top destination for international education.

If you want to attend a top-ranked university in one of the best cities in the world, look no further than King’s College London. Located in the heart of London, and ranked #19 in the world, King’s hosts international students from all around the world every year.

Here’s a closer look at why many international students choose King’s.

Specialised International Foundation Programs

King’s provides international students a one-year foundation (preparatory) program to equip them for their undergraduate studies at the University. With the support of highly-qualified tutors, students are offered the best start to their academic career. The program covers Humanities & Social Science courses (such as Business, International Relations, and Law) and Sciences courses (Economics, Biology, Maths, etc). International students should consider the foundation program for the following reasons:

  • It’s a great route to an undergraduate placement for those students with a qualification that does not allow them to apply for direct entry.
  • All students are guaranteed a conditional place on nearly all of King’s undergraduate programs.
  • Students are also eligible to progress to another leading institution upon completion of this program.
  • All courses are taught by King’s lecturers and are offered on campus.
  • King's student status from day one, giving foundation students a real feel for life at King’s.

Acclaimed Degree Programs and High Rankings

King’s has a reputation for excellence in all fields of study. For Law it ranks as one of the best in the UK as well as ranking number 1 in the UK for Dentistry and in the top 5 for Medicine, according to the 2016 QS subject rankings. Internationally, the University is in the top ten internationally for Clinical and Health studies, top 15 in the Humanities, and in the top 20 for social sciences (King’s is 2nd in the world for Psychology after Harvard). King’s has over 3600 faculty and academic staff at eight schools, including Faculty of Arts & Humanities, the Dental Institute, Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, and the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.

Diverse Student Body and Activities

Around 10,000 international students study at King’s every year, from over 150 countries. International students have the opportunity to build a strong social life outside of class — King’s has over 200 clubs that cater to every interest, from academic clubs (like the Finance Association or Marketing Association) to Music and Arts, Service Clubs (like Oxfam and  Circle K) and Circle K) and over 50 sports clubs with around 1,600 members. For students who want to venture off campus, they have one of the world’s leading capital cities to explore. London is your campus.

Central Location

You get to sample the city right at your doorstep when you study at King's. London offers a wide selection of historic sites, museums, art galleries and events, many of which can be explored for free. You can also spend your holidays or long weekends discovering British and European cities, using the well-connected rail system, which offers student discounts; whether it’s Brighton or Edinburgh, Paris or Berlin, you’re close enough to experience the best of the UK and Europe.

London is one of the world's most dynamic cities – it is a global hub for the best in business, finance, law, science and medicine. King’s uses its location to build partnerships with key cultural, political, professional and business communities in the capital. It has access to a wealth of London and international partnerships, internships and study opportunities.

Work Experience and Employability

King’s helps students gain great work experience through accredited internship programs in any field of study, and also offers global internships in major cities like Mumbai, Shanghai and Washington D.C. Students usually get hired quite easily after graduating, owing to the school’s global reputation. King’s is ranked 43rd in the world, and seventh in the UK, for graduate employability, according to the results of Times Higher Education's Global Employability University Ranking 2015.

If King’s College London seems like the right fit for you, learn more about the university and its programs, get started with your university application on SchoolApply.