At SchoolApply, we believe that great education is for everyone. Thanks to our excellent partner schools, students can now easily find programs in three continents with one click. Apply to study in London, Louisiana, Lausanne or more - your options are limitless.

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Each of these acclaimed universities has its own unique strengths, but they have one thing in common: they are all actively looking for great International students - just like you.

Now it’s up to you to explore your options, whether you want to study architecture in Dubai, hotel management in Switzerland, engineering in Canada, or business in the United States.

What Students Say About Us

Professional and wonderful to work with!

I was lucky enough to work with SchoolApply at the most important stage of my life!

SchoolApply helped me synthesize my most relevant experience into an extremely useful set of materials. They taught me to focus my efforts and streamline the way in which I was presenting myself. SchoolApply takes strong personal interest in whom they work with and upholds exceedingly high standards.

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Meet Davda
International student applying to schools in USA.