Have you read our blog on some of the ‘Breathtaking Campuses in the US'? If you have, here is the latest in the series, featuring spectacular campuses in Canada. If you’re planning on moving to Canada for studies, the experience will only be more pleasant and rewarding if you could spend it on a beautiful campus that fills you with awe and wonder everyday.

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University of New Brunswick, Canada

The University of Brunswick is vibrant and colourful with its unique red brick buildings that are surrounded by rivers, parks and trails. Students can take a refreshing walk up to Sir Howard Douglas Hall or unwind at the Student Union Building. Both campuses of Fredericton and Saint John in New Brunswick are alive art and music scenes, farmers markets and various places to explore.

Image attribution: Techman224; en.wikipedia.org 

Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada

Royal Roads University is located in the charming Hatley Park National Historic Site, which has landscaped gardens, a woodland park and a majestic forest. The grand Hatley Castle with its gothic architecture is seen in many movies and TV shows such as Smallville and X-Men. Royal Roads is open to visitors as a heritage site and also hosts a free museum containing historical and local memorabilia. It would be a dream come true for history buffs to study or work here.

Image attribution: Jeangagnon; ommons.wikimedia.org  

Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Sherbrooke is colourful in the spring with fresh flowers, greenery, and the buzz of students and staff amidst a modern campus. The University boasts of urban buildings and upscale infrastructure aimed at offering the best experience to its students. Students can unwind at the banks of St Francis and Magog rivers nearby, by picnicking with friends or enjoying some time alone.

Image attribution: Jeangagnon; commons.wikimedia.org

McGill University, Canada

McGill University’s campus bustles with energy and offers numerous options for recreation. The grey limestone buildings against the backdrop of colorful surroundings make for a splendid display of the school. Students can take advantage of the huge Molson Stadium, take part in athletics, access the Gymnasium, and take a swim in the Memorial pool. The Macdonald-Stewart Library Building and the Statue of Queen Victoria at the Strathcona Music Building exhibit the fine architecture of the University.

Image attribution: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose; flickr.com  

Laval University, Canada

Located in the historic city of Quebec is the beautiful Laval University. This architectural wonder is a mix of old and new, with several amazing buildings like the Seminaire de Quebec, Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault and the Palasis-Prince building. If you are running late for a class, just use the convenient underground walkways which connect the buildings on campus. The campus has a lush botanical garden with a variety of trees and birds—a perfect spot to relax and connect with nature.

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