June 2016, Dubai – Education startup, SchoolApply, has partnered with Economist GMAT Tutor to bring free GMAT practice to its users. SchoolApply helps students from anywhere in the world connect with educational programs and schools abroad that best match their needs and potential.

This partnership will allow SchoolApply to add even more personalisation to matching students to post-grad programs by integrating these GMAT scores into their search criteria.

The free GMAT simulation test offers an additional level of service to university students by letting them take practice GMAT tests in order to continually improve performance and scores before they submit their final MBA applications.

It's really exciting to be able to offer this GMAT practice test to our users, as it lets us provide an even higher level of service to students who are preparing for graduate school. Normally, this kind of test prep is expensive and difficult to manage, but through our partnership with Economist GMAT Tutor, we're able to let our users take the test as often as they want, and integrate those test scores into their profile to help improve their school and program matches.

- Daniel Bjarne, CEO of SchoolApply.

Preparing for the GMAT offers a huge number of benefits to potential MBA students, including improvements in: time management skills; problem solving; verbal and writing skills; and quantitative analysis - all of which provide a great tool for self evaluation.

SchoolApply's GMAT practice test, offers three separate varieties:

  • Micro Test - A 20 minute GMAT exam that works great as a quick refresher and quiz
  • Mini Test - A more comprehensive 100-minute GMAT exam that provides an in-depth review
  • Full Test - A complete 3 1/2 hour comprehensive GMAT exam that helps students fully prepare and offers a more in-depth evaluation of skills.

About SchoolApply

At SchoolApply, we strongly believe that a great education is for everyone. We are determined to significantly improve how students find, select, and apply to educational programs and schools around the world. We do this by making school information easily available, accessible, and actionable. SchoolApply helps students from anywhere in the world connect with schools that best match their needs and potential.

Launched February 1st 2016, SchoolApply is an online platform that matches students with programs at undergraduate and postgraduate schools that fit their needs and qualifications. We list more than 4,000 schools accepting international students all over the world. SchoolApply’s admissions officers – academic professionals and former Study abroad students – offer personalized assistance to applicants navigating the complicated application process before students apply to their selected schools. Our streamlined online application process combines and connects students with their top choices and tracks acceptance letters.

For more information about how we're democratizing great education, visit www.schoolapply.com.

About Economist GMAT Tutor (gmat.economist.com)

Economist GMAT Tutor is an online GMAT prep course offered by The Economist Group. The online program guides students through the academic topics and test taking skills that they will need to master the test.  The program is adaptive, meaning that it uses students’ correct and incorrect answers to create tailored courses customized to their needs.

For more information, hi-res images, or to schedule interviews, contact Lauren Fairbanks at lauren.fairbanks@schoolapply.com