The Financial Times recently released its Global top 100 MBA university ranking. INSEAD, the only university offering a one year MBA program, has jumped three places since last year to its present #1 position. Last year, INSEAD was ranked #4 alongside Standford Graduate School of Business.

INSEAD’s Rise to the Top

INSEAD is the only university among the top 5 that offers a one year MBA program, and is the only university with a one year program that has made it to the top of the list.

INSEAD greatly surpassed the other universities in terms of ‘value for money,’ which it was able to achieve because its program is shorter and hence, less expensive. Beyond this factor, INSEAD also displays a high level of diversity—international faculty and students account for 90% of its combined faculty and student body size.

Here are FT’s top 10 MBA Universities for 2016:

  1. INSEAD, France/Singapore (+ 3)
  2. Harvard Business School, US (-1)
  3. London Business School, UK (-1)
  4. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton, US (-1)
  5. Stanford Graduate School of Business, US (-1)
  6. Columbia Business School, US
  7. University of California at Berkeley – Haas, US (+3)
  8. University of Chicago – Booth, US (+1)
  9. MIT – Sloan, US (-1)
  10. University of Cambridge – Judge, UK (+3)

Significance of the FT Rankings

When looking for the best management program, the Financial Times’ rankings are deemed highly significant. Among other categories, the publication releases rankings annually for Global MBA programs, Masters in Finance, and Top European Business Schools.

For its Global MBA program rankings, FT uses information based on employment rate after graduation, salary post-graduation, career progress and value for money.

Where should YOU get an MBA?

The options are countless and if you use these rankings as a guide; you could study in France, UK, US, Switzerland, India and many other places. It would be wise to note though, that the United States has the largest number of universities—47—featured on the FT top 100 list, while the UK also has 14 mentions within the top 100 schools.

If you are considering these two destinations, check out our comparative study guide on the US vs UK or use our filtered search to compare US and UK schools. Also find out if an MBA is your true calling, we have some helpful information in our blog: Is an MBA right for you?

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