The Complete University Guide (CUG) recently released the 2016 Rankings for the top universities in the UK. The University of Cambridge ranks #1 on this list for the fifth year in the row. Most of the top 10 universities have retained their positions from the previous year. University of St Andrew is the only school among the top 10 that has dropped a spot; it placed #5 this year, whereas last year it ranked #4.

Here is a consolidated view of CUG’s Top 10 UK Universities in 2016:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Oxford
  3. London School of Economics
  4. Imperial College London (+2)
  5. Durham University
  6. University of St Andrews (-1)
  7. University of Warwick
  8. University of Surrey (+4)
  9. Lancaster University (+2)
  10. University of Exeter

CUG’s Ranking Process:

CUG ranks the top UK Universities based on 10 qualifying factors, some of which include: entry standards, student satisfaction, research assessment (quality and intensity), graduate prospects, good honours and degree completion.

This covers most aspects of a university that students are concerned about. CUG collects its data from The National Student Survey, The Higher Education Statistics Agency, and directly from the universities as well.

Significance of CUG’s Rankings:

CUG is an independent online rankings (league tables) publisher that has been active since 2007. CUG’s rankings fall into several categories, such as, the top universities in the UK, top universities based on subject groups, and top universities based on location.

Students looking to study in the United Kingdom have over 140 universities to choose from, hence these rankings assist students in finding schools suited to their needs.

CUG’s Top Universities at a Glance:

According to CUG’s league tables, the University of Cambridge ranks #1 for its Law, Economics, Psychology, and Computer Science programs among others. The University of Oxford ranks #1 in Art & Design and Medicine; the University of Strathclyde is #1 in terms of its Accounting and Finance program.

In terms of region, here are the top UK universities: London School of Economics (London); St Andrews (Scotland); Cardiff U (Wales);  and Queen’s Belfast (Northern Ireland).

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