When you're young and getting ready to graduate from secondary school, the world is at your fingertips. The sheer amount of possibilities can be overwhelming, from what career path you want to follow to what courses you should study to whether or not you should study in your home country or head abroad.

If you do decide to Study abroad (and there are many, many reasons why you should), the next big question on your mind is probably going to be: what are the best countries to study abroad in and what will be the best fit for me?

This is a pretty major decision and one that can have a strong effect on the rest of your life, so it's one decision that you should really spend a lot of time thinking about before making a decision. There's no shortage of countries with great universities to study at, but there are some countries that consistently rank highly as offering world renowned programs; a high quality of life; and strong social and community support systems. Here are some of the best countries to study abroad in:


Canada is always high on the list of best countries to study abroad, and that's because they offer a wide array of social programs to ensure a high quality of life for all residents. Add to that open borders and their willingness to welcome and integrate millions of immigrants into their country, and you've got a nation that's incredibly tolerant and offers a truly diverse experience for students.

Canada is also home to some of the highest quality universities in the world, with schools like Centennial College and Carleton University often called Canada's Capital University and which is regularly listed as one of MacLean's Top 500 universities worldwide.

One other compelling reason for students to choose to study abroad in Canada is the ease (compared to many other countries) of finding a quality job post-graduation and obtaining a work visa, if you choose to stay in the country after graduating. Additionally, affordable tuition and a reasonable cost of living in many Canadian cities (even metropolitan areas) make Canada a very attractive option for students looking for a place to study abroad. After all, the 250,000 international students already studying abroad in Canada must be on to something.

United Kingdom

Don't let the Brexit vote scare you off just yet. Even though there's a lot still at stake in the UK, it can still be a good option for students interested in studying abroad. After all, it still is a global financial and business hub and boasts some of the best programs in the European Union. King's College London, for instance, is regarded as one of the most well known and well respected research universities in the World, while Cardiff Metropolitan University is known throughout Europe as having one of the top MBA programs.

Aside from the great school options, the UK is home to one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, London, which is renowned for its strong history, selection of museums, art galleries, and historical sites to explore. There's also a large diverse population in the UK's metropolitan centers, while the beauty of rolling hills and valleys dot the landscape in the north and a picturesque seaside in the south.

United States

As with Canada, the United States also frequently rates as one of the top destinations for international students wishing to study abroad. Of course the US has the Ivy League (eight universities situated along the Eastern seaboard that are world renowned for their rankings as some of the top schools in the world). However, the US has over 4,000 universities and colleges spread throughout their 50 states, with many small colleges that offer niche programs. Schools like Auburn University, Louisiana State University, and Florida International University all offer high quality educations all across the country.

The United States also offers a hugely diverse geography spanning deserts, beautiful ocean fronts, dense forests, humid swamps, and towering mountain ranges. Because of its vast size, there's an ideal environment for almost everyone. The US is also home to some of the world's industry hubs, with Silicon Valley for tech and innovation enthusiasts; the massive movie and entertainment industry in Los Angeles; and a heavy hitting financial and business hub in New York.

United Arab Emirates

One of the lesser discussed countries where many international students are choosing to study is the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is fast becoming a popular option for many students from all over the world. The UAE's larger cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are huge business and cultural hubs and feature a large, diverse population. As a gateway to the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates have a largely cosmopolitan feel and feature some of the tallest commercial buildings in the world.

And because of the culmination of so many different backgrounds and cultures, students can expect to be introduced to a wide range of different languages (such as Farsi, Tagalog, Arabic, and Urdu), cultures, and religions.

The UAE is known for offering top-tier educations and hosts over 120 college and universities despite its small geographic size. Many of these schools are recognized worldwide, like the Dubai based Jumeira University, which has an excellent MBA program. However, the UAE also has many international outposts of other universities like Canadian University Dubai and UAE campuses of New York University and London Business School.

There are an incredible number of options for students looking for their perfect study abroad program, and while this list is hardly conclusive, it does spotlight some of the benefits that many students give to the best countries to study abroad in.