You almost can't open up a newspaper in the US, without hearing about the soaring costs of student loans and the rising costs of tuition of schools in the United States. In fact, according to a study by bank HSBC, the US ranks the highest in the world for the cost of tuition, and second highest in the world for overall living costs for international students. To sum it up, studying in the US will cost you a bundle in both tuition costs, and with the cost of living (primarily due to the strong dollar and the high concentration of schools on the coasts, where cost of living is already higher than it is in the middle of the country).

This, in turn, begs the question: Is getting an education in USA worth the hefty price tag? Well, that depends on what your goals are. Let's look at some of the benefits of an education in America.

Well Known Universities

Many schools in the US hold a lot of weight when it comes to universal recognition. The Ivy Leagues are a great example of this. Attending a school like Harvard, Yale, or Stanford offers global name recognition, along with strong alumni networks that span the globe. These networks can help significantly with job offers after graduation or with gaining attendance to high-quality graduate programs.

Even outside of the Ivy League, though, American schools are generally viewed as offering a high-quality education and experience to international students.

Global Network

If you plan to pursue a career that works heavily in trade or partnering with global organizations, an education in USA can help you build strong US-based networks that can create future business opportunities. It's not hard to see how helpful that can be in building a career. Having a strong international network is also a useful asset to have, as it provides experience dealing with cultures different from your own and helps you expand your horizons.

Innovation and Technology

There's a strong culture of innovation and technology in the US, whether you're studying healthcare, artificial intelligence, or even finance. American universities help foster much of the innovation and technology breakthroughs throughout the world through their research and development departments. International students can benefit hugely from access to technologically savvy labs and other research facilities that American universities offer.

While it's difficult to determine the individual return on investment from an education in USA, there are definite benefits to studying in the US. and many international students can find that an educational experience in America is a great boost to their future career goals.

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Daniel Bjärne is Co-Founder & CEO, SchoolApply.