For over 120 years, London South Bank University has been successfully preparing young minds for their future professional lives. The university is located in the great city of London – a teeming metropolis ideal for international students looking to experience the big-city life abroad while attaining their higher education.

If this kind of university experience appeals to you, then read on to find out more about the renowned London South Bank University.


Experience The Incomparable City Of London

As you walk the streets of London as an international student, it is reassuring to hear over 300 different languages spoken by people from all corners of the globe. The mix of people and cultures is a defining character of this dynamic city and one that international students find appealing and reassuring when they move away from home.  

London South Bank University is well-situated in the centre of the city of London. Its campus and residence halls provide easy access to the city’s excellent public transportation system which means that exploring and discovering the sights and sounds of London is convenient and hassle-free. LSBU is located near the hub of the South-Central London bus network, close to an above-ground train station and two minutes away from the famous London Underground metro system.

London is often described as a world cultural capital. You will encounter a fascinating mix of history and modernity in this lively city. London boasts some of world’s best art galleries, museums and theatres and it also has a dizzying array of restaurants, nightspots and other attractions for you to enjoy.  


Attain Practical Knowledge At A Quality Institution

London South Bank University’s education programme has the highest possible rating for quality according to the latest Quality Assurance Agency report and the majority of its courses are accredited by professional bodies. Professors use applied teaching methods that provide students with real-world experience and puts them at an advantage in the eyes of future employers. Instructors at LSBU have expert backgrounds and practical work experience from which they draw upon to give their students the best possible academic experience in a student-led environment.  


Secure Scholarships And Other Funding From LSBU

Over 2,000 international students from over 130 countries have attended LSBU; the university strives to encourage international student applicants as it appreciates the diversity and talent that overseas students bring with them to the campus. Accordingly, LSBU offers a multitude of student scholarships, bursaries and loans to international students to aid them in financing their higher education abroad. The university has even committed over £1 million to their new International Scholarships Programme that offers £1,000 to overseas students that meet LSBU’s eligibility requirements.


Guaranteed Accommodation to International Students

First-year international students are guaranteed accommodation at London South Bank University if they meet the eligibility requirements and apply for housing in a timely fashion. LSBU has four residence halls, of which the farthest from campus is only a ten-minute walk. All of the residences are conveniently located near public transport links and are surrounded by useful services, restaurants, cafes and nightspots. The University offers self-catered apartments with single occupancy rooms that provide a range of amenities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, on-site laundry facilities, on-site management teams and access to kitchen facilities. Each individual flat accommodates between two and nine students. Utilities (water, heat and electricity) are fully covered in the rental rate.


Take Advantage Of The Immigration And International Student Advice Team

London South Bank University understands that moving to a new place comes with its fair share of things to learn about the city and culture. To help ease this transition, LSBU offers the services of its Immigration and International Student Advice Team.  This group aids international students even before they arrive in London and continues to do so throughout the duration of their tenure at the university. They advise on a range of topics, spanning from visa and immigration issues to common hurdles such as finding work and opening a bank account – they can even help you with any personal problems that you may confront. International students can schedule one-on-one appointments with the Immigration and International Student Advice Team and also attend helpful workshops organised by the group.  


Receive Comprehensive Guidance Regarding Your Career Prospects

LSBU is proud of its ranking in the Sunday Times as the top modern university in London for graduate starting salaries and graduate prospects. The university has an Employability Service Team that helps you develop your CV, enhance your interview skills, utilise professional networks and much more.

LSBU offers on-going career guidance to students and alumni through networking opportunities, entrepreneurial support and continued access to the LSBU libraries and other facilities. The University also provides connection to its 86,000 alumni based all around the world who actively assist and mentor new graduates in all types of industries.

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