Engineering is a fantastic field for the mechanically ­minded, problem­-solvers and analytical thinkers. A degree in Engineering is great value for money as it offers high employability after graduation.

The Unites States has thousands of engineering college options for International students ­and KU is right up there among the best! KU has 8 engineering programs, ranging from aerospace to chemical engineering. Here are the top reasons to study engineering at KU.


Ranked Among the Top 100 in the US

KU’s undergraduate engineering programs overall rank at #70, with petroleum engineering (#12); aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering (#36); computer engineering (#83), and chemical engineering (#94), according to US News and World Report.

Accredited Engineering Programs

KU’s undergraduate engineering programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. This means that KU’s programs meet the standards that all US engineers are held to, and your degree will be accepted by any employer.


Highly Trained Faculty

Many faculty members bring with them a combination of industry experience and engineering accreditation so learn both industry best practices and the best in emerging research. This means you will get an education that sets you up for a career in emerging technologies that could become industry standards in the next 20 years.

Cutting Edge Research

KU’s engineering programs feature traditional and nontraditional research, especially in its chemical engineering program, which has several faculty experienced in oil recovery techniques, reservoir engineering research, electrochemical engineering, biomedical engineering and renewable transportation fuels.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

KU’s engineering department has research facilities ­ both on and off campus ­that complement what you learn in class. The School of Engineering has ties with five KU research centers that offer undergraduate students employment opportunities. KU's Center for Undergraduate Research helps you find mentors for independent research. Students are also eligible to win undergraduate research grants to conduct their own research with the guidance of a KU faculty member. This makes your degree and education more valuable and well­-rounded.

Get Hired After Graduation (At a Great Salary)

Chemical engineering is a much sought after field because of the role it plays in vital sectors including energy, renewable fuels, pharmaceuticals etc. Students graduating with a chemical engineering degree can expect to average a starting salary of $52,000, with an average raise of 4.8% per year.


Great Employment Opportunities

If you choose to seek employment in Kansas itself, there are plenty of large companies you could work at, including Sprint, General Motors, AT&T, Garmin International, Honeywell, FedEx, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Goodyear.

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