Great programs; affordable cost of living; great location. The University of Kansas checks all these boxes. KU, based in Kansas, is located literally in the heart of the US. The University offers over 190 fields of study and its engineering and business programs are ranked among the best (see stats under #1 below). Costs at KU are also below the national average.

5 Reasons to Study at The University of Kansas:

1. Prestigious Programs

KU is ranked among the top 100 universities in the US. Petroleum engineering (#12); undergraduate business school (#61); undergraduate engineering programs (#70); aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering (#36); computer engineering (#83); chemical engineering (#94) - US News and World Report.  

2. Successful Alumni and Notable Achievements

Brian McClendon, a former VP of Engineering at Google and co-creator of Google Earth, is a KU graduate. The inventor of basketball founded the sport while at KU. Helium was extracted for the first time at a KU lab. The inventor of the time-release medication capsule was a professor at KU. Studying at the University of Kansas means you are definitely in good company and have great prospects once you graduate as well, as 92% of KU alumni get hired after graduation.

3. Affordable Cost of Living

Your costs at college are more than just tuition; you need affordable amenities and housing. Apartments, dorms, and other residential costs at KU are less expensive than the US average; the same goes for food and other incidentals. One thing is for sure, you will either save some or have more money to spend while studying at KU.

4. Large International Student Population

The University of Kansas hosts over 2,000 International students annually from 105 countries. The University also has created a program design specifically to support international students called the International Accelerator. These programs help international students make the transition to college and life in the US; they involve an intensive first-year combining English language instruction with KU core courses while providing co-curricular, extra-curricular, and acculturation support.

5. Central Location

Kansas City is a 1.5-hour flight to Chicago, a three-hour flight to New York City or LA, and a 2-hour-flight to Houston or New Orleans; and KU is just a 45-minute drive away from Kansas City Airport, making it quick, easy and inexpensive to get around.

Much More!

At the University of Kansas you can experience all four seasons; this is great for international students who are not used to extreme weather. Lawrence (where the flagship campus is) is also a safe city to go to college, meaning your parents don’t need to worry about your safety.

Think you will be a good fit? Check out KU’s profile to learn more about the university and start your online application!

Coming Soon: Top Reasons to Study Engineering at KU and an interview with a successful KU graduate.