Start your Canadian education in Dubai and go on to complete it in Canada. Canadian University Dubai (CUD) offers a great Canadian education close to home for most International students, with the option to spend the last year or semester at a renowned university in Canada.

Dubai, THE location for an International Education

The United Arab Emirates (home to Dubai) is regarded as an attractive market for higher education, representing 25% of all international branch campuses worldwide. Dubai itself has 26 international institutions (almost half the number of its 57 higher education institutions), according to the last report released by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The ultra-modern city with its strategic location and multi-cultural atmosphere makes it a great place for international higher education and students are increasingly opting to study here.

Currently half the students enrolled in higher education institutions in Dubai are from the Gulf countries; under two-thirds are Arab students, and others include Indians, Iranians, Nigerians and Pakistanis. Given Dubai’s reputation as a ‘business hub,’ it is no surprise that ‘business’ is the most popular field of study.

The international universities in Dubai—which are essentially international branch campuses of universities abroad, providing accredited degrees—are from Australia, UK, USA, India, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, France, Ireland and Lebanon. In addition, Canadian University Dubai (CUD) serves as a representation of great Canadian education as well as of many renowned Canadian universities.

International students are increasingly seeking a Canadian education. Between 2008 to 2014, Canada’s international student population saw an increase of 83% and this upward trend has been continuing.

Perks of a Canadian Education

A globally recognised, world class education considered equivalent to an education in the United States and Commonwealth countries is only the beginning of what a Canadian education has to offer. One of the most attractive benefits of a Canadian education is that it opens the door for possible immigration. In fact, the Canadian Government has recently passed laws further facilitating this process for international students.

10 Reasons to Study at Canadian University Dubai

1. Start in Dubai, Finish in Canada

Given the new immigration laws, Canadian University Dubai’s proposition to complete your degree in Canada will help you get a head start if you plan to immigrate to Canada. Even if that’s not the plan, an education that spans two countries opens up many learning opportunities. Studying in Dubai also has its advantages. For most students for whom this is their first experience away from home, Dubai is not too far to visit family or even have them visit you.

2. Prime Location

Located in Downtown Dubai, Canadian University Dubai, is literally in the heart of the city’s business district. This makes it an ideal place for a business degree. Moreover, rubbing shoulders with the business community also presents great networking opportunities.

3. Boutique Multicultural University

CUD has established itself as a small boutique university fostering a community feel. It is also home to over 120 nationalities, creating a diverse and vibrant campus community, where every student is supported to become a global citizen and to make a meaningful contribution to the world beyond CUD. You can be sure to both make great friends from around the world on this campus, as well as share with fellow students in this new experience.

4. World-Renowned Canadian Education and Accredited Programs

Abiding by the Canadian-curriculum standards, Canadian University Dubai offers a credible and quality education that is recognised internationally. CUD’s programs are also accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).

5. Cutting-Edge Research

CUD is a hub for research, innovation and collaboration. The University is engaged in several research partnerships with institutions across North America, Europe and East Asia. Students also have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research projects that have a real impact on society, by working alongside eminent professors such as Dr Adel Ben Mnaouer, who is among a team of international scientists that have developed a pioneering technology to help combat air pollution—the world’s biggest known environmental health risk.  

6. Work and Study

Canadian University Dubai offers both undergraduate and postgraduate students flexible program schedules with options to study in the evenings and on weekends; this means you can study and work at the same time.

7. Highly Qualified International Faculty

CUD’s faculty is equipped with international qualifications and expertise, in addition to having experience of work in industry and professional practice.

8. Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CUD fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its faculty and students. Communications major Abzal Assembekov is testament to this. He won the Dubai’s Startup Weekend competition in 2014 and has since launched his own business within a year and returned as a mentor and sponsor for the event in 2015.

9. Learn Beyond the Classroom

CUD provides a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. Among the many extracurricular opportunities available to students is the Model United Nations (MUN) association, which is mentored by Canadian diplomat and CUD faculty member, Dr. Aziz Mulay-Shah. The association provides students with the opportunity to cultivate new skills, develop an understanding of global politics and international relations, and compete in national and overseas competitions.

International business student and President of CUD’s MUN association, Ginevra Nencha, was awarded the title of Best Delegate at the 2015 UAE students’ MUN conference held in Dubai. Displaying outstanding skills in debate and diplomacy she impressed judges as she skillfully deliberated and collaborated with representatives from 20 other nations to tackle real-world problems. 

10. Producing Successful Graduates

CUD's graduates have gone on to establish successful careers. Hussein Akberali, one of CUD’s very first graduates, who is now taking a leading role in the business systems training of personnel involved in complex US Government missions across the Middle East and Africa. With his employer PAE, Hussein supports assignments like the mobilisation of the US Government response to the Ebola outbreak, and the maintenance of high-threat diplomatic facilities abroad.

Accounting and finance major, Sanis Ahuja is another example of a successful alum. Though still an undergraduate student,  Ahuja, started out on a three-month internship with the leading multinational Thomson Reuters. From her original role in the regional risk training team, she has quickly moved on to a challenging post with the company’s Global Growth and Operations division, gathering critical business intelligence to inform major investment decisions across the company’s worldwide operations.

At Canadian University Dubai, you will experience the best of both worlds—Dubai and Canada. To apply, simply view the undergraduate or postgraduate profile for CUD and click the application tab to start your application right away.