Early this year, the new Canadian Government issued a legislation aimed at revising Canada’s immigration laws. These revisions are of particular interest and benefit to International students, in that it allows international students to count the time spent studying and working in Canada towards the total residency requirement.

This change is sure to resonate with more international students as it addresses a very real need. As pointed out in our blog: 'Where are Today’s International Students Going for Their Education', the US and UK (while popular destinations for international study) are starting to lose their appeal as a result of their conservative visa policies. Canada on the other hand appears to be addressing this need head-on.

The Canadian Appeal

While Canada offers an education that is at par with its counterparts, the advantage of a Canadian education is that it is less expensive – both in terms of tuition costs and the cost of living. Canada also boasts many highly ranked colleges. According to the QS World University Rankings 2015-16, three Canadian Universities, McGill UniversityUniversity of Toronto and the University of British Columbia rank among the top 50 universities worldwide. The possibility of eventually getting citizenship to Canada also presents great appeal. 

Opportunities for International Students

Canada has made several changes that have increased the options international students have when it comes to staying, studying, and working in Canada. These changes are making the country a new land of opportunity for students looking for another country to study in and indicate that there will only be more positive improvements in the near future.

Introduction of the New Bill That Benefits International Students

The new bill introduced at the end of February 2016, essentially restores an old law which existed until the previous government altered it. The most important part of the bill is reinstating the 50% credit for time spent in Canada by international students. This means that 50% of the time a person spends in Canada as a student in any Canadian university, counts towards the total residency time in Canada which is needed in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Besides this, the new Bill reduces the total time one needs to spend as a resident in Canada – from four out of the previous six years to three out of the previous five years – in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Another important point to note – not part of the bill, but a promise made by the Canadian government – is that there will be a review of the Canadian Experience Class program; this program is very important for international students in Canada as it helps talented individuals who are studying in Canada and wish to become Canadian citizens. 

This new bill by the government clearly shows that international students are quite welcome in Canada, and not only to study but also to become productive citizens of the country.

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About the Author: Nemanja Petkovic is a content writer and researcher, with several years of experience writing articles and blogs on a variety of subjects. He currently works as a freelance writer while completing his studies as a student of English Language and Literature.