Bachelor’s Degree in New Zealand

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Bachelor Degree in New Zealand

New Zealand takes education very seriously and it shows throughout the educational system. In fact, the country is considered a major research and training hub around the world. The country’s education system is patterned after the system of the UK, which helps to ensure that students’ education is recognized practically everywhere.

When obtaining a Bachelor’s in New Zealand students not only gain a solid education, but also get to experience the intrinsic beauty of the country. With its subtropical climate, individuals are constantly able to explore the various parts of the country. There are opportunities to visit famous landmarks and shops, experience the food and culture, and enjoy various entertainment options. All together, this experience can help individuals to grow academically, as well as become more culturally aware.

What is a Bachelor’s Programme?

A Bachelor’s programme is a form of education that prepares individuals for entry-level positions in a given field. A high school level education is required to be eligible for a Bachelor’s degree. Some students choose to pursue their Associate’s degree first before pursuing a Bachelor’s. The time it takes to complete the programme can vary. In the US it takes at least four years to earn the degree, however, in New Zealand it takes an average of three years. This is due to there being less general study requirements and a greater focus on the student’s major. There is a large range of possible undergraduate degrees in New Zealand, and the degrees can vary by institution. However, with many of the degrees being upheld to UK standards, students can rest assured that their credentials will stand if they decide to pursue further education or employment elsewhere.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s?

There are several different benefits of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. Within each career field there are certain benefits that individuals can look forward to. There are also a few general advantages to securing a Bachelor’s degree.

  • Career advancement. In many industries, if not most, having a Bachelor’s degree is becoming the norm for securing entry-level positions. Also, education is commonly considered as a strong factor when determining which candidates should be promoted within some companies.
  • Satisfaction. It has been found that individuals who obtain their Bachelor’s degrees obtain higher skilled jobs and greater pay. This leads to greater satisfaction with their jobs, in comparison to individuals with a high school education.
  • Build a professional network. Strong business relationships must be built, and college is a great place to begin making those connections. Students are able to meet and work with individuals of various disciplines, allowing them to develop a well-rounded network.
  • Continue education easily. There are other options for matriculating to a Master’s degree programme, however, obtaining a Bachelor’s is one of the most common ways. It provides a strong educational background that can prepare you to excel in your studies. Also, it is not always required that the focus for your undergraduate study be the same for your Master’s.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s?

A Bachelor’s degree can open the door to a variety of career opportunities. With the strong foundation that the programme provides, students are prepared to enter into entry-level to lower-management positions. Depending upon the individual’s previous experience, skills, and interests, this could lead to a variety of career choices within the industry.

There are a few Bachelor’s degree choices that can help narrow your focus in determining the career to pursue.

  • Bachelor of Arts. Individuals interested in pursuing humanities and social science related fields, such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Communications, and Modern Language, should consider this programme.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts. If a student wants to seek employment in the creative arts, this programme is a great choice. It provides more of a vocational study in the major of choice. Some common studies include Dance, Acting, Singing, Painting, and Sculpting.
  • Bachelor of Science. This degree is a good choice for individuals interested in pursuing a career heavily related to science or math studies. Some common industries include: Biology, Nursing, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, and Business.

Getting a Bachelor’s degree in New Zealand can be very helpful for your career moving forward, as well as providing you with a unique cultural experience. Take some time to review your options to see if it could be the right undergraduate option for you.

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