Bachelor’s of Sports

A Bachelor’s of Sports degree is an undergraduate degree in an academic field related to sports, coaching or health. Any academic major that is related to physical activity, sports performance or maintaining a healthy lifestyle falls under the umbrella of Bachelor’s of Sports. Not every university offers Bachelor’s of Sports degrees. Many institutions offer degrees in the same types of majors as Bachelor’s of Arts or Bachelor’s of Science degrees. A Bachelor’s of sports usually takes students between three to four years to complete, and can be followed by further study and more advanced postgraduate degrees.

What Is a Bachelor’s of Sports?

A Bachelor of Sports is a degree for students interested in academic fields that have to do with sports, coaching, health or nutrition. Some examples of fields of study for which a Bachelor’s of Sports may be awarded include sports, coaching, nutrition, sports medicine, physical education and exercise science. Students generally complete these degrees in four years, though some schools offer three-year programs. The degree is usually completed through a combination of classroom study and hands on field experience. Some schools also require students to complete a thesis or compile a portfolio of independent writing and research.

A relatively limited number of universities offer distinct Bachelor’s of Sports programs. However, many colleges offer Bachelor’s of Arts or Bachelor’s of Science degrees in sports and health related fields, which are equivalent to a Bachelor of Sports program. Credits are generally transferable between universities even if they do not offer equivalent degree programs.

After completing a Bachelor’s of Sports, graduates may choose to move on to postgraduate studies. An increasing number of schools offer Master’s and PhD programs in sports, nutrition and related fields. Individuals with postgraduate degrees may choose to go on to conduct research in their chosen field, helping make advances in the fields of exercise and nutrition.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s of Sports?

One of the major benefits of getting a Bachelor’s in Sports is that it gives students an introduction to the fields of sports and health. Since these industries tend to be relatively loosely structured, a degree program offers students a good opportunity to get acquainted with the different careers available to them. In addition, there are a number of other benefits to getting a Bachelor’s of Sports:

  • A lasting career in sports and exercise, a field which many students are passionate about.
  • Internship opportunities are available from many institutions so students can get work experience in a career associated with their academic field.
  • The process of getting a Bachelor’s of Sports degree is a great opportunity for students to learn life skills such as staying organized, managing time, and building professional relationships.
  • Graduates are more competitive when applying for jobs in their chosen career field.
  • It fulfills a pre-requisite for enrolling in graduate-level courses.
  • Students are able to network with professionals in the field and make important connections that can lead to jobs later on.
  • Working with professors helps students realize their potential and guides them to become better at research and independent learning.
  • Opportunities for travel, since many sports program directors and personal trainers travel extensively at the request of their clients.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s of Sports?

Graduates with a Bachelor’s of Sports can expect a career in a variety of fields related to the sports and health industry. While a degree is generally not required for individuals who want to play sports professionally, a Bachelor’s of Sports is useful for students who are interested in a career related to sports and exercise. Some career options include the following:

  • Coaching
  • Teaching physical education
  • Sports medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Teaching exercise classes
  • Sports science and research
  • Program director for hotels and resorts
  • Personal trainer or nutritionist

While a Bachelor’s of Sports degree may not be necessary to go into business in these fields, it makes the individual more attractive to potential clients and serves as a valuable networking opportunity to meet people in the industry.
Institutions around the world offer Bachelor’s of Sports with a wide variety of different academic focuses. Get a degree that will allow you to help people become healthier and happier. Start your research, choose a school, and invest in your future today.