Bachelor in Political Science

Bachelor in Political Science

Political Science is the study of how governments work, and the policies that govern the lives of citizens impact them at every level. The trust that a society places in its leaders comes into question when the needs of constituents are not met. These degree programs explore those needs and teach you the strategies and responsibilities of political leaders.

What Is a Bachelor in Political Science?

Bachelor degree programs in Political Science require four years of full time study. Major universities offer these degrees, and programs cover several standard topics. During your studies, you learn the importance of good governance as it relates to society.

Courses and lessons include:

  • American Government: Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of democracy.
  • Comparative Politics: How different groups form to achieve political goals.
  • International Relations: Interactions between governments of foreign countries.
  • Public Policy Theory: Strategies governments use to provide services to citizens.
  • Public Relations: Communicating with those served by a government.

There is a difference between a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Science degree with the same focus. An arts degree emphasizes more of the social aspects of politics. A science degree is heavily reliant on mathematics. These students learn how to apply statistical information to problems. They are also better equipped to address budgetary and accounting issues.

What are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor in Political Science?

Many dream of combining work with a passion. This makes a career spent improving the performance of government doubly rewarding. Graduates have an advantage over other job applicants, and they receive higher wages than those without an education.

The skills developed during a course of study are applicable to many practical problems. Successful students are able to:

  • Analyze budget proposals and make suggestions for improvements.
  • Assess the impact of government programs on communities.
  • Audit agencies and ensure that employees observe regulations.
  • Evaluate election polling data.
  • Clearly communicate ideas to a diverse audience.

Your degree also prepares you to pursue advanced educational programs. Many lawyers begin with a Bachelor of Political Science before obtaining a Juris Doctorate. Some students enroll in master’s degree programs in History, Journalism, or Economics.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor in Political Science?

Bachelor degree programs in Political Science prepare graduates for many different career paths. You can work in business and specialize in creating healthy relationships between your employer and the local government. Other graduates find work as legal professionals. Writing, teaching, or consulting are also options.

If your goal is to work in politics, this degree is perfect for you. Start by building experience as an intern for local campaigns. You will interact with the public to persuade voters, collect feedback and help with fundraising. With experience, you qualify for work as a research assistant, budget analyst, public relations manager or fund raising manager.

The truly ambitious seek election to public office. As an expert, you will have the intimate knowledge of the political systems. This gives you the edge over your competitors in an election. Your educational training prepares you to provide leadership for your community after you have won a term in office.

If you feel that this degree is right for you, then begin your search today for the best schools that offer this degree!