Top Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Hospitality Management

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Hospitality Management

Bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality Management are designed to prepare students with the unique knowledge they need to run businesses in the hospitality sector. They include knowledge of the basic principles needed to control costs, provide for customer needs, and coordinate the resources needed for a range of operations from hotels and motels to restaurants and taverns. Furthermore, their focus on a specific industry and its needs provides a clear path to employment for graduates.

What is a Bachelor’s Program in Hospitality Management?

The short version is that these programs are focused and refined versions of a business school curriculum that have been adapted to fit the hospitality industry. In practice, this means:

  • They focus on the real-world needs of the hospitality industry, including standards for food service and quality control.
  • They spell out the accounting practises that these businesses need to follow in greater detail than nonspecific courses would.
  • They prepare students by enriching their communication skills, making them more effective at both management and customer service.

These specific practises are combined with a wide variety of foundational skills from other business majors, as well as supporting courses that help to build students’ cultural competence and make them better prepared for the workforce.

What Are the Benefits of a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management?

Bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality Management are the fastest and most direct way to learn the total range of skills needed to understand and run hospitality businesses. Students who finish these programs are prepared to understand the business model this industry operates on, as well as to meet the needs of their customers in a day-to-day sense. This puts them ahead of the competition for jobs, and also prepares them in a variety of other ways by teaching them the following skills:

  • Effective delegation of authority and follow-up management.
  • Detail-oriented process management.
  • Quality assessment for hospitality services.
  • Food handling and safety training.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management graduates typically expect to work in either food service or the hotel industry. The degree is ultimately useful in any role in the industry, up to general management of an entire hotel. For those interested in moving beyond the management of a single location, it leads easily to a Master’s in Business Administration, which rounds out the skills needed to run larger-scale operations, and for many graduates, the eventual pursuit of that degree is a goal.

On their own, Bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality Management often lead students directly to supervisory jobs in the industry. Their understanding of the business’s process and needs makes them an ideal fit for that kind of direct placement in any department, from overall hotel management to guest services or even in the kitchen.

Many graduates also view this degree as an entrepreneurial opportunity, using the skills acquired during their course of study to start their own ventures. In addition to hotel and motel management, graduates find themselves well-positioned to run bed and breakfast operations, pubs, taverns and bars, and restaurants. Bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality Management are designed to give their students the edge they need to compete, even as owner of an independent company.