Bachelor of Cultural Studies

Bachelor in Cultural Studies

A Bachelor degree in cultural studies gives individuals the necessary skills to gain a full understanding of societal trends and practices. Upon completing this degree students are prepared to pursue a number of different jobs, which can lead to lucrative and enjoyable careers.

What is a Bachelor in Cultural Studies?

A Bachelor in Cultural Studies is a degree that equips individuals with the knowledge of how to properly analyze and interpret culture. This is accomplished by delving into a few different disciplines, including:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Literary theory
  • Media theory
  • History

Within these disciplines students learn about the different aspects that comprise a culture, as well as how to utilise the information together. To aid in these endeavors, students might take a few common courses.

  • Culture and media
  • Culture, education and knowledge acquisition
  • Culture and globalization
  • Racial and ethnic issues
  • Gender and popular culture
  • And more

After completing this four-year programme graduates are ready to tackle and shine light on a number of different cultural issues and misconceptions.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor in Cultural Studies?

There are many different benefits to obtaining a Bachelor in Cultural Studies. Graduates gain a diverse skill-set that can be applied in several different positions across many industries. This helps to enhance individuals’ ability to gain and sustain employment, in and outside of the realm of Cultural Studies. For instance, the business and research skills gained through this programme can be applied in marketing or PR positions.

Along with these degree-focused benefits, there are some general advantages to securing a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Enrichment - Not everyone chooses to or is able to go to college. Therefore, those who actually show up to class tend to take the investment in their education more seriously than those attending high school. This leads to a greater level of enrichment on the collegiate level.
  • Job pay - It has been proven that those with a Bachelor’s degree make twice as much as individuals with a high school level education.
  • Achievement - Along with years of commitment, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree takes hard work, focus, funds and more. Therefore, achieving this degree can give individuals a boost of confidence that can aid them in future endeavors.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor in Cultural Studies?

There are a number of career opportunities for those who secure a Bachelor in Cultural Studies. Many individuals do choose to go into service related professions. Some common positions that graduates choose include:

  • Ministerial professional
  • Arts administrator
  • Teacher
  • Non-profit manager
  • And more

Depending upon the individual’s previous experience level, it could be possible to gain an entry-level or managerial position. Graduates can secure positions in any sector and many different industries. The multidisciplinary aspects of this degree can be applied in several different positions, as well as added to a previous skill set. Those with experience in other areas may utilise their new knowledge to advance within their current careers or transition into new ones.

It is clear to see that the opportunities are vast with a Bachelor in Cultural Studies. If you have a passion for culture, consider how this degree could benefit you.