Bachelor in Physical Therapy

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Bachelor's in Physical Therapy

Though a Bachelor in Physical Therapy is rare, it is a strong option for those individuals who are committed to becoming physical therapists. More study is required to gain licensure, but this degree lays a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon. After completing this degree students are prepared to move forward in their education to obtain a rewarding and possibly lucrative career.

What is a Bachelor's in Physical Therapy?

A Bachelor in Physical Therapy is a programme that focuses on the principals and practices that address the physical challenges that physical therapists must often treat. Many students often choose to pursue related degrees, such as a Bachelor in Health Sciences or a Bachelor in Biology. Whichever path individuals take, there are a few key courses that they can expect to complete.

  • Anatomy
  • Microbiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Physical Fitness
  • Psychology
  • And more

Along with completing these courses, some programmes may also require that students complete internships, which gives them real-world experience before graduation.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor's in Physical Therapy?

One of the greatest benefits of obtaining a Bachelor in Physical Therapy is career stability. As baby boomers age and meet more health issues, those skilled in physical care are greatly needed. Also, people are constantly looking for ways to look and feel better. In fact, the Bureau of Labour and Statistics expects opportunities to grow by 36% between 2012 and 2022. With bills such as the Affordable Care Act, more individuals have access to health services, so physical therapists can expect a good amount of clientele, which in turn leads to high pay and job stability.

There are a few general advantages to having a Bachelor’s degree as well:

  • Graduate advancement - In order to become a physical therapist it is required that individuals pursue higher education, and this has become true in other fields as well. A Bachelor’s is sometimes a required means to pursue graduate study.
  • Greater Pay - Statistics show that individuals who complete undergraduate studies make more than those with only a high school level education.
  • Career advantage - Many entry level positions now require that individuals have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, those interested in excelling in their professional lives may need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor's in Physical Therapy?

Individuals who complete a Bachelor in Physical Therapy usually go on to complete their doctorate, take the appropriate exams, and become physical therapists. As a physical therapist a graduate can work in many different places, including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Private offices
  • And more

As a physical therapist an individual may seek employment at a facility or serve as a contractor. Either way, a therapist’s schedule is often quite flexible. Therapists may choose to specialise in specific conditions, or they may treat a range of issues, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Injury or illness recovery
  • Massage therapy
  • Range of motion improvement
  • And more

As you can see, there are a variety of career options available for those who choose to pursue a Bachelor in Physical Therapy. If you are passionate about the physical health of others, consider how this education path could benefit you.

St George's University of London

London, United Kingdom

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  • USD 18,591Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

St George’s University of London (St George’s) is a medical university located in Tooting, South London. St George's offers 15 bachelor’s degree programs through the faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, which is a collaboration between St George's and Kingston University....

Trinity College Dublin

Dublin 2, Ireland

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The Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is located in Dublin, Ireland. Situated in the multicultural European Capital, TCD offers undergraduate courses in a wide range of disciplines that come under the faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics and Science; and Health Sciences. ...

University of Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom

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University of Liverpool is a diverse research University located in the city of Liverpool in England, UK. The University offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs from its various departments and schools including Architecture, Engineering, English and Law....

York St John University

York, United Kingdom

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  • USD 15,936Average Tuition
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York St John University (York St John) is a public university located along Lord Mayor's Walk in York, England, UK. York St John offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs across its nine academic schools including: Art, Design and Computer Science; Education; Health Sciences; Humanities, Religion and Philosophy; and Sport....

The University of Utah

Salt Lake City, United States

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  • USD 21,296Average Tuition
  • 81.7%Acceptance Rate

The University of Utah (the U) is a public institution located in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. The U offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs across its 17 academic colleges and schools....

Duquesne University

Pittsburgh, United States

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  • 73%Acceptance Rate

Duquesne University is a private non-profit university situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Through its nine schools, Duquesne offers a wide variety of Bachelor's degree programs....

Northeastern University

Boston, United States

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  • USD 62,800Average Tuition
  • 32%Acceptance Rate

Northeastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts, offers 150 undergraduate majors of study and 125 graduate areas of study through its nine colleges and schools of Arts, Media & Design; Business, Computer & Information Science; Engineering; Health Sciences; Law; Professional Studies; Science; and Social Sciences & Humanities; as well as select advanced degrees at graduate campuses in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto....

Washington State University

Pullman, United States

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  • USD 41,425Average Tuition
  • 82%Acceptance Rate

Washington State University (WSU) is a public research university with its main campus in the rural town of Pullman, Washington, USA. WSU also has regional vanguards in a number of cities which are; Vancouver, Tri-cities, Spokane, Everett and its global online campus. WSU offers a wide range of bachelor's degree programs....

Oregon State University

Corvallis, United States

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  • 78%Acceptance Rate

Oregon State University (OSU) is a public research university in Corvallis, Oregon, United States. The university offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree program through its academic schools....

Tennessee Tech University

Cookeville, United States

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  • 94%Acceptance Rate

Tennessee Technological University (Tennessee Tech) is an accredited public university located in Cookeville, Tennessee, United States. The university offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs through its academic schools....