Bachelor of Science in the UAE

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Bachelor of Science in the UAE

The UAE has identified a critical need for more scientists in the country, and there is an emphasis on science education, with many choices of specialisation available. Getting a Bachelor of Science in the UAE positions you for what could be a flourishing career path, whether you stay in the UAE or work elsewhere. The country is diverse, and it is made up of seven emirates, each with its own laws and geographical features. Selecting a science programme in the emirate that matches your personality and interests can be a fun process.

What Is a Bachelor of Science?

A Bachelor of Science in the UAE gets students ready for many types of careers, and each school structures its science programmes differently. For example, the United Arab Emirates University College of Science offers undergraduate degrees in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, geology and mathematics (for mathematical science). On the other hand, New York University Abu Dhabi offers majors in biology, chemistry, and physics, among others.

Someone who majors in chemistry could expect to take classes in calculus, organic chemistry, quantum mechanics, spectroscopy and more. A biology major would also take calculus classes and at least one chemistry class. Biology-specific coursework might include evolution, organismal biology, genetics, biophysics and more.

Regardless of the major, many science degrees have a few things in common:

  • An emphasis on practical work and internships.
  • Capstone projects that allow students to pursue areas of interest.
  • Development of skills in critical thinking, research, analysis and communication.
  • A focus on scientific processes and the scientific method.

When you study in the UAE, you reap extra benefits from your science degree.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Science in the UAE?

The UAE is a great place in which to earn your Bachelor of Science degree. College students can dive headfirst into activities such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and camel riding. Here are some other reasons why a degree in the UAE is appealing:

  • Multiculturalism that promotes learning new languages.
  • Diverse experiences that put you in good stead in today's global world.
  • Modern and exciting environment.
  • Ability to study at US-based, French-based or Canadian-based schools, or at purely Arabic schools.
  • Customisation of your science interests to a school in the emirate that most appeals to you.

It is important to check with each school about admissions requirements. For example, United Arab Emirates University requires that applicants get certain English proficiency scores and pass mathematics and Arab-language tests. On the other hand, New York University Abu Dhabi relies on the candidate application and candidate meetings to assess English-language skills, and it does not require proficiency in Arabic. The school strongly encourages students to study languages such as Arabic while they attend the university.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Science in the UAE?

Many people who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in the UAE work as laboratory technicians and as research assistants. Others may opt for double majors (or a major/minor), for example, science and writing, and pursue a career in science journalism or grant writing. Likewise, a science and education double major serves prospective teachers in good stead. The takeaway here is that you can major in science and have a career outside of the laboratory. However, if you prefer the laboratory, you have a few options. One such option is a research assistant in a laboratory. The assistant may work in diverse fields such as:

  • Botany.
  • Biology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Bacteriology.
  • Microbiology.
  • Hydrology.
  • Nutrition.
  • Oceanography.
  • Pathology.
  • Physics.
  • Volcanology.

The assistant’s job responsibilities generally include:

  • Setting up for experiments, ensuring clean and adequate supplies.
  • Checking that quality-control measures are sound.
  • Documenting processes and other information.
  • Using specialised software programs.
  • Communicating with others about experiments and results.
  • Analysing experiment results and preparing papers.
  • Presenting test and experiment findings.
  • Running modelling and prediction software.
  • Conducting experiments and controlling machines.

Many scientists use the Bachelor’s degree as a steppingstone into high-level science careers that require a Master’s and/or Doctorate degree. With a Doctorate for example, a scientist can become a faculty member and be responsible for running entire laboratories.

The UAE is more than ready to develop the scientific skill set of its citizens, and it is very welcoming of international students. Begin exploring your options for a Bachelor of Science in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi University

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

  • 790SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 14,119Average Tuition
  • 88%Acceptance Rate

Abu Dhabi University with campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the UAE offers 24 undergraduate and 18 postgraduate programs based on the American model of higher education, as well as several professional diploma and postgraduate programs, utilising the British system of postsecondary education. Although the official language of the university is English; it offers degree and diploma programs both in English and Arabic....

Paris-Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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  • USD 51,213Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Paris-Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi (Sorbonne Abu Dhabi) is located in Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. In collaboration with Paris Descartes University, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi offers 9 bachelor's degree programs with French and English used as a teaching language....

Gulf Medical University

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 9,529Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Gulf Medical University (GMU) is one of the leading and first private medical universities in the Gulf region. Established in 1998, it offers a wide range of undergraduate bachelor's degree courses including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anaesthesia and Surgical Technology and Medical Imaging Sciences....

Middlesex University - Dubai

, United Arab Emirates

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 13,612Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Middlesex University - Dubai (MDX) is an extension of the internationally renowned Middlesex University in London. Located in Dubai Knowledge Village Park, United Arab Emirates (UAE), MDX offers undergraduate courses in a wide range of fields including Accounting, Design, Business and Management, Engineering and Information Sciences, Health, Law, Marketing, and Media....

Canadian University Dubai

, United Arab Emirates

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 19,057Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Canadian University Dubai, established in 2006, is located in downtown Dubai, UAE. The University offers a number of bachelor's degree programs based on Canadian curriculum. The programs include courses from faculties such as Management, Engineering & Architecture and Communication, Arts & Sciences....

Ajman University

Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  • N/ASchoolApply Rank
  • USD 13,314Average Tuition
  • 0Acceptance Rate

Ajman University (AU) is a private institution with two campuses in UAE; one in Ajman and the other in Fujairah. The University's main campus is in Ajman and is home to the colleges of Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Dentistry; Business Administration; Engineering; Information Technology; and Mass Communication and Humanities. ...