Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Orthopaedics

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Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics

In general, orthopaedic surgeons focus on bone and joint issues, with many specialising in areas such as the hip, foot or spine. Much medical knowledge and hands-on expertise is required before you can practice as an orthopaedic surgeon, but it should be noted that a Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics is not possible in the US. In countries such as the UK, it is possible and is the general equivalent of the US Doctorate. However, US Bachelor’s degrees in areas such as chemistry, biology, math or English can serve an aspiring surgeon in good stead. Furthermore, at schools such as the Rochester Institute of Technology in the US, it is possible to enter a joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program to become a physician assistant with a specialisation in orthopaedics (many other specialisations are available too).

What Is a Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics?

Programs such as that at the Rochester Institute of Technology typically take five years, with the first two years geared toward general requirements such as math, science and the liberal arts. The next three years focus on clinical rotations and medical education. Students wishing to pursue a specialisation in orthopaedics can take an orthopaedics-focused class in the fifth year and do clinical rotations in orthopaedics.

Meanwhile, the path to becoming an orthopaedic surgeon in the US and Canada does not necessarily include a Bachelor’s degree that is medically related. The timeline generally goes like this:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Attend medical school for about four years.
  • Complete a residency and even a fellowship in orthopaedics, taking from three to seven years.

However, in many European countries and countries elsewhere, students can often get a medical degree within six years of finishing high school, although they will need a few more years of training in orthopaedic surgery. It is important to check the requirements of the country or countries in which you think you may work as an an orthopaedic surgeon.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics?

Orthopaedic surgeons in countries such as the United States must have a Bachelor’s degree. Thus, earning this degree is necessary as you progress toward your goal. Other advantages include:

  • The wide range of schools and programs worldwide that you can choose from for a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The ability to tailor your Bachelor’s degree toward your interests and aptitudes.
  • The opportunity to combine a Bachelor’s and Master’s program for something such as a physician assistant degree.
  • The chance to enhance soft skills such as writing, research, communications and collaboration.

Because aspiring orthopaedic surgeons can earn a Bachelor’s degree in anything, they have a lot of freedom. Classes in biology, English, mathematics and the like are often required for medical school admission.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics?

A physician assistant with a specialisation in orthopaedics works to support orthopaedic surgeons. These assistants must be licensed. They receive extensive training during their educational programs, and they can diagnose and treat many patients.

On the other hand, people such as orthopaedic technologists have fewer educational requirements and generally receive training on the job. One of their job responsibilities is to apply and remove casts. This is one employment opportunity that you could explore after earning a Bachelor’s degree; many orthopaedic technologists have certificates or associate degrees.

There are many courses of study related to a Bachelor’s in Orthopaedics. Begin exploring your options today.

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