Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Mathematics and Philosophy

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Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy

Yale University, an Ivy League college in the US, and King’s College, a prestigious college in the UK, are among the many colleges worldwide that offer Bachelor’s degree programs in Mathematics and Philosophy. The two fields study logic and reason, and the major may be of interest to students who want to apply philosophical underpinnings to another subject such as math, or to students who want to study the philosophy of math. It could also be a good choice for students who are unsure what they want to major in since it marries two wide-ranging subjects.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy?

A Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy typically requires study in the philosophy and mathematics departments, and a math class is often necessary before a student can begin the major. Hallmarks of this major include senior seminars in which students explore a particular topic in depth, and the program often consists of:

  • Classes that develop student competence in math, including computer-based and experimental math.
  • Seminars, both required and elective.
  • Four to five classes per grading period.
  • Grading by exams, essays, individual and group projects, and presentations.
  • Work experience and study abroad opportunities.

The course load is balanced between math and philosophy classes, and many schools offer honours degrees.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy?

One main reason that many students choose a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy is that they mix the best of two worlds. They can enjoy lofty discussions in philosophy and get down to hard numbers in math. Other advantages of this degree include:

  • The ability to combine a Bachelor’s with a Master’s program at some schools.
  • Wide range of quality schools and programs worldwide.
  • Learning from top-notch faculty members.
  • Gaining a degree that impresses many employers.
  • Development of logical skills as well as math, research, collaboration and writing skills.

Employers are often impressed by the combination of skills that people who have this degree possess, and graduates can go into many types of careers.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy?

Career options are plentiful for students earning a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy. Job possibilities include:

  • Teacher.
  • Software developer.
  • Risk analyst.
  • Java developer.
  • Tax auditor.

Students with this major may also end up pursuing graduate degrees in law or in other fields. To look more closely at one possible career, a risk analyst or risk consultant, studies risk factors for a business, how likely it is to be robbed, and how safe it is for its employees. The analysts prepare reports of suggestions for the business to tighten its operations and to better protect itself; job candidates can often find work with a Bachelor’s degree, but some employers prefer work experience in addition to a degree.

As for another job; software developer, they design, install and test software programs for a wide range of businesses. They suggest ideas and devise cost proposals and timelines. They test their software in controlled situations before it goes live and perform ongoing maintenance.

There are many colleges and universities worldwide that offer a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Start exploring your choices today.