Bachelor’s in Mathematics in the UAE

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Bachelor’s in Mathematics in the UAE

When the time comes for you to choose a school to attend, you can play it safe and choose a local school, or you can be bold and decide to turn your scholastic pursuits into a true adventure by studying abroad. Getting your Bachelor’s degree in a foreign country such as the United Arab Emirates, allows you to literally explore new geographic and academic borders simultaneously. Plus, the educational and professional contacts that you make during your undergraduate studies could lead to exciting career opportunities around the world.

Of course, studying in a foreign country does bring with it certain challenges, the biggest being the language barrier that you may encounter. However, choosing the right academic program to study could go a long way in overcoming this. Even though Arabic is the main language in the UAE, there is one discipline that is the same in every tongue; mathematics. Getting your Bachelor’s degree in math not only builds upon whatever interest you may have in figures and statistics already, but it can also prepare you to work in a number of different fields.

What Is Included in a Mathematics Degree Program?

The skills required to earn a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics have been engrained in your head ever since you began attending school. Still, in order to ensure that you have college-level math skills, most schools include courses in algebra as part of their general education requirements. Mathematics programs may also require that you take introductory trigonometry and calculus courses early on so that you have the fundamental knowledge needed to understand the more complex concepts that will be introduced later on in your program of study.

The upper-level courses you take as part of your undergraduate mathematics program will vary depending upon the type of career you wish to pursue. If you are interested in actuarial science, then your coursework may focus on probabilities, regression modeling, and statistical analysis. If you are hoping to work in engineering, then you will likely get a heavy dose of elementary and ordinary differential equations and nonlinear functions. If you hope to one day work in business and economics, then your math degree will likely include courses on linear programming, stochastic processes, and game theory.

If your love for mathematics is deep enough, then your undergraduate studies may help to persuade you to continue your scholastic pursuits to the graduate level to obtain a Master’s degree or Doctorate in math. If this is what you ultimately hope to do, then you should be prepared to be exposed to several new mathematical concepts while pursuing your Bachelor’s degree. Some may include:

  • Differential Geometry
  • Topology
  • Advanced Groups, Rings, and Fields

Why Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Math in the UAE?

Many mistakenly assume that the only reason why you would get a Bachelor’s degree in math would be to then go on and become a teacher. Yet the truth is that nearly every professional career utilizes mathematical applications. Having a deep understanding of mathematical models and theories puts you ahead of the game when learning to incorporate such applications into your career path. On top of that, studying math helps to sharpen your analytical skills. Many employers across all industries may see that and rightly assume that you are very adept at learning new procedures and at spotting inefficiencies in their own practices.

Choosing to pursue your mathematics degree in the UAE has its own distinct advantages as well. With its location in the Middle East, the UAE is truly a melting pot of many cultures. In fact, reports that only 20 percent of the total population is local. With so many different cultures represented, you are guaranteed to get a truly international experience. And while it was mentioned earlier that Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is the primary language spoken in many areas due to the cultural diversity. Plus, several of the country’s top school are accredited in both the US and UK.

The Careers a Bachelor’s in Mathematics Offers

Your Bachelor’s degree in mathematics can qualify you to work in several different professions. With it, you could choose to pursue a career in engineering and technology, medicine, finance and securities, or computer design and development. Business management may be another option, as companies often look for leaders who have a strong understanding of statistics and probabilities. If you are looking to give back to the community, there is always a need for qualified math teachers.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics in the UAE will help you develop a strong and employable skill set while also exposing you to a cultural experience you will not soon forget. A wealth of rewarding experiences await you; do not miss out on them.