Bachelor’s in Mathematics in Canada

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

If you enjoy working with numbers and formulas, or solving mathematical problems, or you are interested in the driving forces behind the natural sciences, then a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics may help lead you to a career that will be both exciting, and richly rewarding. A common misconception is that all that a maths degree qualifies you to do, is teach. Those who subscribe to that line of thinking forget that numerical analysis and mathematical functions are performed routinely in almost every industry.

The opportunity of earning a Bachelor’s degree brings with it the chance to go to school in a new location. While the temptation to attend a local college or university may be strong, the opportunity to study in a completely different country is one that you may not want to pass up. Recent years have seen Canada become a popular destination for international students. One reason may be due to the fact that British and American students could see Canada as a place where they can broaden their horizons without experiencing a drastic cultural shock. Another reason may simply be because Canada offers so many world-class educational opportunities.

Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics in Canada

The Canadian higher education is structured perfectly to accommodate international students. All colleges and universities found here are governed by the provinces in which they are located. Thus, some follow the US model of offering standard Bachelor’s degrees, while others follow the UK philosophy of awarding ordinary and honors degrees. Some schools even combine the two, providing Bachelor’s degree programs while also giving you the chance to pursue a higher academic standard and earn an honors degree.

Having demonstrated a proficiency in mathematics during your secondary school career, will make you well-prepared to enter an undergraduate math program. However, that is not a prerequisite. Most schools will offer college-level algebra courses as part of their general education curriculum to help get you up to speed in preparation for more advanced coursework required for your degree.

Your preferred career choice will have a heavy influence on the courses you take as part of your Bachelor’s degree program. While initial courses may focus on supplementing the mathematical knowledge you already have, high-level classes tend to be career-centric. At this point, your studies will focus on a more specialised emphasis. Some of the more common ones offered include:

  • Business and Economics.
  • Statistics and Operations Research.
  • Engineering.
  • Computer Science.
  • Education.
  • Actuarial Science.

Why Choose a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics?

Most tend to think that your choice of degree locks you into a certain field and limits you to careers within that particular discipline. Yet that is not always the case, especially with mathematics. In fact, perhaps more than any other degree, a Bachelor’s in math expands your employment opportunities. Many companies may look to hire you specifically for the math skills that you obtained during your studies. Others may simply view your having a math degree, as proof that you are good with numbers and/or have strong analytical skills.

Seeking your mathematics degree from a Canadian school also offers you several distinct benefits. Canada features several world-class cities, while also bordering one of the most picturesque country on earth, USA. It may come as little wonder that several Canadian cities are known for offering outstanding student experiences. Among these are:

  • Toronto.
  • Edmonton.
  • Vancouver.

The French-Canadian province of Quebec offers a truly international experience along with its many renowned schools. Here, you can experience old-world architecture, classical European sophistication, along with just a hint of North American flair. Even though French is the common language here, most institutions of higher learning offer coursework in English.

What a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Can Do for Your Career

Your Bachelor’s degree in mathematics helps lay the groundwork on which you can develop both a solid professional reputation and an exceptional academic resume. Mathematics degree holders have shown to perform better on graduate school entrance exams than their contemporaries. Thus, if furthering your academic career is your goal, an undergraduate degree in math is an excellent tool to help you achieve it.

If you are looking for a lucrative career, a math degree may offer you the best chance of landing one. CareerCast lists the following math-related careers as being among their Top 10 Best Jobs:

  • Mathematician.
  • Statistician.
  • Actuary.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Computer Systems Analyst.

A wealth of rewarding cultural and educational experiences await you as part of your pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics in Canada. The professional and fiscal opportunities that such a degree can unlock for you in the future, will make your decision to seek such an opportunity now well worth it.