Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences

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Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences

Bachelor’s degree programs in Applied Mathematical Sciences enable students to put a practical spin on mathematical and computational problems. For example, someone could apply mathematics to a study of financial market performance, or apply it to an environmental project. Schools worldwide offer this major; in the United States, they include the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of California, Merced, in addition to numerous higher education institutions.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences?

The major difference between Bachelor’s degree programs in Applied Mathematical Sciences and those in Mathematics is that mathematics programs tend to comprise of pure study of mathematics, while applied mathematical science programs strive to use mathematical concepts and principles in the real world. Game theory is one example of applied mathematics, and it is very important that students of applied mathematics have a strong understanding of mathematics. In fact, students must show adequate mastery of mathematics via high school coursework, mathematics exams and mathematics placement tests. More courses at the college level may be necessary if scores are too low.

Common classes in this major include:

  • Calculus.
  • Computer programming.
  • Discrete mathematics.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Differential equations.
  • Applied algebra.
  • Probability.
  • Graph theory.
  • Real analysis.

There is an emphasis on technology and on modelling study after real-world problems.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences?

Perhaps the top benefit of a major in this field is the fact that a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences frequently enables students to choose areas of emphasis. As an example, the University of California, Merced, offers seven tracks that include environmental, computational biology, computer science and economics. Similarly, the Illinois Institute of Technology requires that students minor in a subject area in which they can use their applied mathematics degree. Common minors are business, engineering and computer science.

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to choose from quality programs worldwide.
  • The option to go on to Master’s-level programs.
  • The enhancement of skills necessary for work in many fields such as business and the financial markets.
  • The degree that many employers require of job candidates.
  • Proven skills in logic and in problem solving.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences?

There are many career possibilities for students earning a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences. Such graduates may work for employers encompassing:

  • Government labs.
  • Consulting firms.
  • Aerospace companies.
  • Computer makers.
  • Consumer products companies.
  • Medical device manufacturers.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • High schools.

Here is a look at one possible career; a statistical data analyst often works to study or answer a problem or question, for example, to predict the performance of a specific stock for the next month based on its past performance, the market climate and other factors. The analyst gathers the data, verifies that it is accurate and meaningful, and crunch it using software programs. They look for patterns to help answer their issue or question, and they perform other relevant analysis.

You can find Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematical Sciences around the world. Think about your preferred track or minor, and explore your options today.

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