Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance

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Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance

Bachelor’s degree programs in Vocal Performance are offered by music departments at colleges across the world. The curriculum focuses on developing singing technique in an assortment of styles. Students broaden their understanding of this art, with courses in the theory and history of vocal performance. While many Vocal Performance programs focus primarily on Western musical tradition, some programs make sure to include core or elective courses in the music traditions of other cultures. The Vocal Performance Bachelor’s program may be of interest to those who want to embark in careers as a performer, or to work closely with vocal performers.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance?

A Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance is an undergraduate degree program offered by music departments at many universities. The curriculum provides a comprehensive examination of classical sung art and covers a wide range of genres within that category. Students learn about developing their singing voice and honing performance techniques. They also receive a solid grounding in the theory that underlies vocal performance. Some types of music students can expect to perform include:

  • Operetta.
  • Religious compositions.
  • Folk song.
  • Cantata.
  • Opera.

Many programs have a set of required courses that students must complete before they move on to more advanced study. These courses typically consist of a mix of theory and basic skills, for example:

  • Introduction to Music Theory.
  • Harmony.
  • Counterpoint.
  • Voice Leading.
  • Basic Keyboard Skills.
  • Music History.
  • World Music.
  • Music and Society.
  • Basics of Conducting.
  • Diction.

The rest of the curriculum focuses on developing vocal skills and includes private lessons, ensemble participation and master classes taught by noted musicians and performers.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance?

Students who are particularly interested in the vocal performance aspect of music study can benefit greatly from this Bachelor’s course of study. Unlike a general degree in Music or Performance, this program allows them to focus exclusively on developing their skills and knowledge in this particular area. Placing vocal performance at the center of the curriculum allows the program to offer a broader and deeper education on the various singing styles, techniques and performance cultures. Completing the Vocal Performance coursework helps students optimise their singing skills and also gives them an excellent theoretical knowledge base and understanding of technique.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance?

Many Vocal Performance graduates aspire to become singers. They may embark on careers in performance at classical venues such as operas, classical genre recitals and other traditional musical performances. The Vocal Performance education, although grounded in the classical tradition, also imparts the skills that can enable success in other types of vocal performance, such as musical theatre, popular music and modernist compositions.

Those graduates that do not become performers often use their skills and knowledge to work closely with performers. Some possible careers include:

  • Music manager
  • Singing teacher or coach
  • Arranger
  • Music editor for film or television
  • Music administrator
  • Art director

These positions may be available at schools, community centres, arts councils and broadcast media.


Follow your passion for Vocal Performance and enroll in the program that suits your career goals today. 

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