Bachelor’s in Drama

Bachelor’s in Drama

Bachelor degree programs in Drama provide a solid education in the theatrical arts. The typical Bachelor’s in Drama curriculum consists of a balanced mix of theoretical courses and practical performance and production technical courses. Students gain a strong background in the history and development of drama along with literary and theatre criticism and analysis. They also acquire knowledge in various aspects of theatre production. Completing this program is an important step towards achieving creative productivity in the field of drama.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Drama?

A Bachelor’s program in Drama offers an undergraduate education in the theory and practice of the dramatic arts. Most programs take about four years to complete, although some students may spend more time if they study part-time or take it as part of a double major with another discipline.

The typical Bachelor’s in Drama curriculum consists of a group of core courses designed to give students a solid foundation in drama theory and performance techniques. In many programs, students may also choose to specialise in areas such as performance or design, depending on their interests. Drama coursework may include courses such as:

  • Beginning Acting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Costume Design
  • Sound design
  • Scenic construction
  • Technical Practice
  • Theatrical Makeup
  • Playwriting
  • Directing
  • Scene Painting
  • Digital Technology in Theatre Production
  • Stage Management

Theory and history courses generally include:

  • Ethnic Studies in Theatre
  • Critical Analysis in Drama
  • Theatre History
  • History of Western Costuming
  • Youth Theatre
  • Dramatic Styles
  • Drama and Literary Theory

Many programs also offer independent study or special courses where students can explore particular topics they are interested in. Additionally, students may have the opportunity to take relevant courses in other departments, such as Literature, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature or History.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Drama?

Earning a Bachelor’s in Drama is a good way to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in the area of theatre. Students who complete this course of study gain familiarity with all aspects of theatre productions, including acting, analyzing dramatic literature, costume design, scenery, lighting and makeup. In addition to gaining technical proficiency, graduates leave the program with impressive communication, presentation and organizational skills that are valuable in any setting.

Graduates of a Bachelor’s program in Drama are well-equipped to apply their skills in the setting of their choosing. The broad range of the curriculum allows undergraduates to identify the areas they are most interested in and pursue the concentration they choose.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Drama?

Many students enter Drama programs hoping to become performers. The Bachelor’s program imparts the technical skills as well as the knowledge and critical analysis necessary for achieving excellence as a performer. Graduates may become actors in regular theatre groups or take on individual projects. Some Drama graduates also go on to act in films, commercials or music productions.

The wide range of technical skills acquired through the Bachelor’s in Drama coursework also allows students to pursue interests in technical theatre professions. Some types of technical jobs include:

  • Stage manager
  • Costume designer and maker
  • Set designer
  • Scenery painter
  • Lighting designer or technician
  • Theatre administrator
  • Casting director
  • Arts director
  • Theatrical makeup artist
  • Theatre producer

If a Bachelor in Drama is something that interests you, then begin your search today!