Bachelor of Fine Arts in UK

Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is an entry-level degree that art students typically take to begin their education. This field of study is very broad, allowing students to choose from any number of art forms. Because there are so many ways programs in this area can be structured, it is important for you to know what your goal is before enrolling. It is possible to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking, photography, dance and other performing arts, music, writing, and more. The UK is one of the most appealing countries for international students to earn this bachelor degree.

What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK?

Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts is usually a student’s first goal. In the UK, this level of education usually takes either three or four years to complete. After earning this degree, you should have a firm understanding of the foundations of whichever art you were studying. The fine arts category is distinct from more general arts studies in that it focuses on art creation or performance, rather than the theory behind the art. This makes it ideal for practical artists, instead of critics or those interested in education. Bachelor of Fine Arts programs typically include:

  • Courses involving hands-on creation
  • Developmental courses
  • Minor theory seminars
  • Required display or performance of art
  • Courses specific to the art form being studied

To enroll in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, your application will likely depend heavily on your portfolio, rather than previous working or educational experience. Before you decide to pursue this level of academic accomplishment, you should be sure that you have several excellent examples of your art. These should demonstrate that you are talented and ready to improve, but not necessarily ready for a master.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK?

The biggest benefit of studying to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK is the opportunity to begin a career in the arts. After the program is complete, graduates will be better prepared to enter their career. Additionally, it is usually possible to be more successful and earn a higher salary when a degree is held. Earning a bachelor degree also gives graduates the option to continue their career by pursuing a higher level degree. In the field of fine arts, the highest level of academic achievement is usually considered to be the master’s degree. Choosing to earn a master’s degree makes it even easier to enter a career and earn a higher salary. Other benefits of earning a bachelor degree in the UK include:

  • Increasing specialisation
  • Higher number of career options
  • Many competitive universities to choose from, such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK?

After you have enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program, you have begun your journey toward your career. Many programs allow you to study multiple art forms, although you usually choose a single art form to focus on. If you do study more than one kind of art, you may be able to incorporate more into the work that you do. It is possible to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in:

  • Creative Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Painting or sculpture
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Music

After graduating, the largest option that artists have is between independent work and working with others. It is possible to work as a freelance artist, or join an existing studio. Sometimes, larger corporations hire a team of artists, especially in the marketing department. Being employed with a company provides you with more consistent work, and usually higher pay. This option, however, is much easier to pursue if a higher level degree is earned. Freelance work usually allots the artist more freedom and a more lenient schedule as well.

If you are an artist that is interested in making a career out of your art, you should consider earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the UK.