Bachelor in Software Engineering

Bachelor Degree Programs in Software Engineering

A Bachelor’s degree is awarded around the globe to students who’ve completed a bachelor’s program in a specified academic discipline. The degree serves as a launching point either into the professional world or an advanced academic program.

What Is a Bachelor’s Program in Software Engineering?

A Bachelor’s program in software engineering typically takes full time students between three and four years of study depending on the university. The program prepares students to go into the software development realm of the professional world. Normal coursework will include subjects like:

  • Advanced Mathematics: Students start with linear algebra and Calculus 1 and will eventually move on to differential equations and advanced mathematical logic. Statistics, probability and discrete math will be taken towards the end of the program.
  • Physics: Electromagnetism, mechanics and thermodynamics might all be in the curriculum for software engineers. The study of physics won’t be as in depth as the study of mathematical topics.  
  • Algorithms: Because algorithms are the backbone of software, students will spend a majority of their time working with algorithm-based subjects. Digital logic and algorithm principles will be studied in depth.
  • Databases: Students understand how technology interacts with databases to access important information and store data.
  • Operating Systems: Students learn the difference between OSX, Windows, Unix and other important operating systems. They’ll build programs and applications for each or all depending on the course.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering?

In addition to the qualification of bachelor’s degree, students enjoy these benefits:

  • Professional Skill Sets: Students learn how to program, plan program implementation, design scalable systems and trouble shoot. These skills help them succeed in entry-level positions and beyond.
  • Expand Job Pool: A software engineering degree is useful in a variety of positions and environments, giving students a broad job pool.
  • Build Professional Network: These days it’s hard to get hired without experience, but universities are often well connected with internship opportunities.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering?

Bachelor degree programs in Software Engineering prepare graduates with a mid-level position in the software development sector. You can enter into business, gaming, communications, healthcare and more with your knowledge of software systems. Common titles after graduation are:

  • Software Engineer: These professionals might write code, design user interfaces, automate scripts and create applications. They are prepared to jump into the project at any point.
  • Software Architect: The architects lay the groundwork and plan the implantation of programming requirements or principles. They handle the big picture and may do programming when needed.
  • Embedded Software Engineer: These engineers can write the programs found in airplanes, vending machines, coffee machines and medical imaging equipment. Corporate companies are some top employers for these professionals.
  • Cyber Security Manager: These professionals are directly responsible for the security of a system or application. They write programs to protect important or sensitive information from leaking or being hacked.

Does a career as a software engineer sound like a great match for your interests and talents? Start looking for Bachelor degree programs in Software Engineering to find the perfect match for you!