Bachelor in Construction Management

Bachelor Degree Programs in Construction Management

Around the globe, a Bachelors degree is awarded to students who complete an undergraduate course in a specific academic discipline. Bachelor’s programs have two goals for their students. First, they should be prepared to enter the work force as an entry-level professional. Second, they are prepared to pursue placement in a graduate degree program.

What Is a Bachelor’s Program in Construction Management?

A Bachelor’s program in Construction Management prepares students for project oversight positions in the construction management niche. The subject is closely related to engineering subjects, so students can expect the program to be heavy in advanced mathematics and science. Students may spend the first year or so building their academic proficiency in these subjects. However, the later years will focus on:

  • Management Concepts: Students develop an understanding of how companies and businesses are organized and what works best in a given project environment. Students understand how to manage both employees and project details.
  • Managerial Accounting: Students get an introduction to accounting and begin learning how to make business decisions based on financial documents. Students also learn how to set up accounting documents and analysis.
  • Highway Engineering: The course will focus on how students should plan a large highway project. From the equipment to plan implementation, students get a full view of the process.
  • Sustainable Engineering: Students learn the impact of various engineering structures and tools. They study environmental pollution, its causes and how to combat it.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Construction Management?

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in construction management, students have these benefits going into the job market:

  • Increased Salary: A Bachelor’s degree of any kind raises a students entry-level earning potential.
  • Prepare for Doctorate Programs: Students wishing to move on to advanced engineering or construction management programs will benefit from a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Specialized Knowledge: In their program, students have the time and space to get a deep understanding of the mathematical and scientific principles behind a construction project.
  • Build Professional Network: After graduation, students can use their peers, professors, mentors and tutors as first connections in their professional network. This can help them secure jobs quickly following graduation.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Construction Management?

Most graduates will move into construction management positions at the entry-level. A construction manager is also known as a general contractor. They oversee the planning, budget, and implementation of various construction projects. As needed, these managers will work with and coordinate subcontractors, consultants and client requests.

Managers frequently work directly with clients to ensure the project meets the required specifications. As the project progresses, the manager keeps the client informed on the project’s timeline. These professionals can be found in commercial, residential and industrial settings depending on the individual specialisations and preferences.  

Bachelor degree programs in Construction Management are available at universities around the world, so don’t hesitate to get started finding the perfect match for you. During the vetting process, make sure your potential schools offer specialisations in areas of interest to you.