Bachelor of Education in the UK

Bachelor of Education in the UK

For many people in the UK, an important step to becoming a teacher is to earn a Bachelor of Education. However, at some schools such as the University of Cambridge, it is possible to earn an education-related degree on a track such as Education, Policy and International Development that does not necessarily lead to a teaching job. In any case, the UK is home to many fine schools in all areas of the country, and you can customise your preferences and interests according to the school.

What Is a Bachelor of Education?

A Bachelor of Education in the UK typically prepares students to teach at various levels and in various subject areas. For example, primary-school teachers give instruction in a broad range of subjects and may work with very young children, and children up to about 11 years old. Meanwhile, secondary teachers usually specialise in a subject or area of interest, and they teach older (11+ years old) students.

Many schools, the University of Cambridge included, allow students to combine a Bachelor’s degree with a Master’s degree for a streamlined programme of study. In addition, many schools encourage students, whether they plan to teach at the primary or secondary levels, to obtain further education, or even a second degree, in a subject area such as science or English.

Primary-school teacher classes cover such topics as:

  • Meeting the diverse needs of different children.
  • How to implement holistic practises.
  • Fostering positive collaborative relationships with people such as parents and administrators.
  • Creating smooth transitions for students as they progress in school.
  • Developing a learning environment that is educationally and emotionally secure.

Secondary-school teacher classes cover many of the same areas as well, but go more in-depth on the specific field of study a student chooses.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Education in the UK?

The UK is an excellent place in which to study. Below are only a few of the many reasons you may enjoy earning your Bachelor of Education in the UK:

  • Ability to tailor your geographical area (for example, London, Ireland or Wales).
  • Hands-on classroom experience.
  • Enhancement of skills such as research, writing and communication.
  • Focus on specific areas of study if desired (examples include music, art, sport, certain languages, information technology).

Earning a Bachelor of Education in the UK gives you the opportunity to gain essential classroom experience, and to gain the qualifications necessary to work in many schools.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Education in the UK?

Not surprisingly, graduates of a Bachelor of Education in the UK often become teachers. The type of teacher you can become varies depending on the area of specialisation. Because many independent schools do not necessarily require teaching qualifications, it is possible for an education graduate to teach across subject areas and grade levels in such settings. Here is an overview of two potential UK teaching careers.

A P5-7 Primary teacher generally works with students ages nine to 11. These teachers' duties include:

  • Instruct students in all areas of the basic curriculum.
  • Implement behavioural management techniques.
  • Foster a positive learning environment.
  • Monitor students’ progress.
  • Discuss progress with students, parents, carers and others.
  • Assign and review homework.
  • Plan field trips and other classroom outings.

A secondary school teacher does many of the above tasks. The teachers also typically:

  • Focus on one or two subject areas for pupils between ages 11 and 19.
  • Help students prepare for A levels and GCSEs.
  • Teach classes of various sizes at different levels.

It is important that teachers have a good sense of humour and the ability to work with people from many backgrounds. Teachers should also participate in ongoing training to keep their skills and knowledge current. There is no doubt that a broad range of teaching jobs in the UK exist. Examples of teacher job titles are:

  • Reception teacher
  • KS2 teacher
  • Primary teacher
  • Early years teacher
  • Nursery teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Physics teacher
  • Geography teacher

The UK recognises that many teachers take breaks, either to have children or perhaps to take a bit of a breather for a few years. The country provides support and refresher courses, and encourages many teachers to take on expanded job titles, and more responsibilities as they get more experience. There is no time like the present to start planning for the future, so if teaching in the UK intrigues you, start exploring your options today.