Bachelor’s in Arabic

Bachelor’s in Arabic

Bachelor’s degree programs in Arabic typically have the dual purpose of educating students about Arabic language as well as culture. In terms of language, most programs focus on Modern Standard Arabic, with some curricula also including courses in dialects such as the Egyptian and the Levantine. The cultural studies portion of the curriculum covers a wide array of topics including regional history, religion, geography and literature.

What Is a Bachelor’s in Arabic?

A Bachelor’s in Arabic is a college degree program that may take about three or four years to complete. This program examines various aspects of language and culture in order to gain fluency in Arabic as well as a deep understanding of today’s Arabic societies.

In most programs, language courses range from introductory to proficient, accommodating students with all levels of proficiency. Generally, students are required to begin their studies with an introductory course, those arriving with some knowledge of the language may be able to enter into intermediate or advanced courses.

The cultural studies part of the curriculum covers a broad array of topics, including the history of various periods and movements, religious developments and literature, and science. Many programs allow students to take electives in order to further their understanding of their topics of interest. Some typical courses in an Arabic curriculum may include:

  • Various levels of Arabic language (conversational and written)
  • Arabic composition
  • Arabic Literature
  • Arabic Translation
  • Arabic Culture in the Middle Ages
  • Modern Developments in Islam
  • Linguistics
  • Gulf Arabic Dialect
  • Arabic Film and culture
  • Arabic Calligraphy

Students may also be able to take relevant courses in other departments such as Philosophy, History, Art, Political Science and Literature. Other courses may cover Arabic countries’ participation in global politics and economy, use of media and marginalised groups.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor’s in Arabic?

Students who earn their Bachelor’s in Arabic gain proficiency in the Arabic language and enhance their written and oral communication skills. The comprehensive curriculum also provides a thorough understanding of Arab history, culture and religion. Students acquire knowledge of issues facing the entire Near East region as well as individual countries in the area. The Arabic curriculum serves to broaden students’ minds and provide an understanding of local and global topics in culture, media, politics, religion and economy. Thus, students learn to understand these issues not just as applicable to Arab countries but also on a global scale.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Arabic?

The foundation of language proficiency and cultural competency engendered by the Bachelor’s in Arabic curriculum enables graduates to succeed in many types of fields. Those who are primarily interested in language or literature, may pursue careers in teaching at various levels. Other possible occupations include:

  • Journalist
  • Diplomatic staff
  • Company representative or spokesperson
  • Customer service representative
  • Film producer
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Legal Assistant

Some graduates also choose to continue their academic studies and earn advanced degrees in the field. They may ultimately occupy professorial, research or high-level consultancy positions.

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