Bachelor of Computing Research

Bachelor of Computing Research

A Bachelor of Computing Research is an undergraduate degree program that focuses largely on the research aspect of computer science. Students who undertake these programs gain an incredible amount of knowledge in research theory and practical methods, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and project and time management expertise. These skills can be used to develop projects and information for a wide variety of industries, so students can apply their valuable work to the industry that best suits their interests.

What is a Bachelor of Computing Research?

The requirements for Bachelor degree programs in Computing Research are often varied, but most contain many of the same core elements and structure. These programs are often three to four years in length and require a foundation in the liberal arts, science and mathematics. Some of the most common course topics include:

  • Algebra, calculus and discrete math
  • Computing science logic
  • Programming
  • Information structures
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Algorithms

During the final year or semester of the program, students may be asked to complete an advanced undergraduate project in which they demonstrate the talent and skills they built while in the program. Some common research topics for these projects include:

  • Information retrieval
  • Cyberspace and security
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Evolutionary computing
  • Machine learning
  • Intelligent agents

Some programs only offer this option for their honours programs, although some may have it as a general requirement.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Computing Research?

When students take part in a Bachelor of Computing Research, they are often able to work very intimately with some of the greatest minds in the field. By learning from these experienced researchers, students may be able to gain valuable insight into their field and choose their research area more quickly. This also allows them to build personal networks in the industry so they have the mentorship required to succeed.

Additional benefits of pursing this type of program include:

  • Greater career prospects.
  • Increased salaries.
  • Ability for further educational opportunities in a Master’s and PhD program.

Many computing research graduates can confidently look back and say that the greatest benefit they received from this program is the opportunity to be a part of cutting-edge research that matters to the world. Every advancement that is made in computers directly affects individuals and businesses around the world, and it can be an exciting lure to prospective students.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Computing Research?

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Computing Research are often able to take their skills and apply them to various computer-related fields. Some of the most common career paths include the following:

  • Data mining specialist
  • Software developer
  • Big data analyst
  • Network architect
  • Systems analyst
  • Software architect
  • Computer engineer

A data mining specialist is a popular career for many graduates of these programs. These specialists are often employed to create data modeling and analysis services that can be used to enhance business processes by mining certain systems and applications for data. These workers may also be in charge of building and maintaining metadata inventories, data support tools and definitions.

If you feel that computing research is the right degree for you, then begin your search now for the best schools that offer this degree.