Bachelor of Computer Science in the UK

Bachelor of Computer Science in the UK

A Bachelor of Computer Science in the UK is an undergraduate degree awarded to students who’ve completed a course at an accredited university. The program focuses on building a strong foundation of computer science principles and knowledge, including mathematics and programming languages. With this degree, students are prepared for future professional and academic careers in the computer science field.

What Is a Bachelor of Computer Science?

In Canada, a typical Bachelor of Computer Science degree takes three years to complete. Students complete minimal general education requirements before starting on their focused coursework. Students can expect to complete a range of projects alone and in groups. Common coursework includes the following elements:

  • Programming: Over the course of their studies, students will learn a range of languages like Ruby, Python and C. As new languages come into play, the curriculum may change to reflect what is currently in demand.
  • Hardware: Students will learn the basics of hardware and troubleshooting. While the bulk of their studies will shift away from hardware, their introduction to computer science will begin here.
  • Databases: In computer science, students will have plenty of opportunity to access, utilize and create databases. Depending on their career goals, this knowledge may be crucial to their success.
  • Design: Students learn how to effectively design websites and applications for the user and administrator. They learn what best draws the user in, as well as what mistakes are costly or easily avoided.
  • Operating Systems: Coursework will highlight the differences and applications of Windows, Mac and Linux operating software. Students will learn how to work effectively with each.
  • Mathematics: Students are required to complete some high level math. Typical requirements include Discrete Mathematics and statistics.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Computer Science?

Completing a Bachelor in Computer Science develops a student’s ability to think critically and troubleshoot effectively. With this degree, students are ready to enter the workforce or an advanced program with these benefits:

  • Greater Job Opportunities: With a Bachelor in Computer Science, graduates qualify for a wide range of computer engineering and web development positions.
  • Higher Pay: Graduates in the computer science field tend to be paid very well and better than secondary school graduates. The starting salary and career salary prospects are very respectable in this field.
  • Learning Support: While at university, students can draw on the support of their mentors, professors and fellow students. This allows them to develop their professional skills with a tremendous amount of guidance.
  • Professional Networking: Developing a professional network is a great idea in any field and can frequently lead to a more productive job search. Students can begin to develop their network with their professors and peers.
  • Prepare for Advanced Programs: With the knowledge from their Bachelor’s program, students are better prepared for the specialized study of an advanced degree. Using their knowledge, they can expand their professional skills sets.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Computer Science?

The computer science field is vast and diverse, so it holds much opportunity for recent computer science graduates. It is common for graduates to find entry level employment in the following capacities:

  • Systems Developer: These professionals develop both hardware and software systems to meet the needs of their clients. In some cases, they act as troubleshooters looking for and repairing bugs.
  • Full Stack Web Developer: A full stack web developer can work alone or with a team. They are frequently given special projects that require equal knowledge and proficiency of front and back end technologies.
  • IT Consultant: The IT consultant spends plenty of time troubleshooting existing systems. They also advise clients on the most effective usage of their existing technology as well as system upgrades.
  • Video Game Developer: These professionals design and build video games for consumers. There is plenty of opportunity to work in either a corporate or more entrepreneurial environment.

The UK offers a complete range of private and public educational institutions with renowned computer science programs. Take your pick from these excellent schools and jumpstart a successful career in computer science today.