Bachelor of Computer Science in the UAE

Bachelor of Computer Science in the UAE

A Bachelor of Computer Science in the UAE is an undergraduate degree offered through accredited educational institutions. Students build a thorough and foundational knowledge of computer science, mathematics and information technology. The UAE offers many renowned and affordable options for domestic and international students.

What Is a Bachelor of Computer Science?

In the UAE, a Bachelor in Computer Science takes about four years to complete. However, some institutions connected to UK universities may have a three-year curriculum. Students will complete a range of independent and group projects to learn and demonstrate their skills. Typical coursework frequently includes:

  • Mathematics: Discrete mathematics, Calculus and similar maths are generally required for this degree. The math courses tend to be staggered throughout the four years of study.
  • Database Modelling: Students learn how to work with and draw from databases. Eventually, they will move on to creating and modelling their own databases for course projects.
  • Senior Development Project: In the last year of instruction, some programs ask students to pursue an advanced project. This project is similar to an end of program presentation or research project, but will reflect computer science principles.
  • Programming Languages: Students learn a range of programming languages like C++, Ruby and Python. As the demand for languages changes, the curriculum is likely to adapt.
  • System Administration: Students learn how to monitor and oversee a system. They may work with hard and software elements to gain familiarity and understanding for all system levels.
  • Security and Encryption: Students will learn the basics of securing projects and information. They will understand vulnerabilities in protection and learn to encrypt information.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Computer Science?

After completing this undergraduate degree, students have developed troubleshooting, critical thinking and analytical skills. Along with this skill set, graduates enter the workforce with these benefits:

  • Higher Salary: With this degree, students can expect to see higher starting and career salaries relative to secondary school graduates. Employers frequently pay more for educated professionals.
  • Educational Support System: At university, students can enjoy the support of a team of professors, tutors, and peers. This gives students a chance to develop with guidance and support from knowledgeable computer science professionals.
  • Wide Job Pool: Graduates notice they qualify for a range of computer science positions as well as posts in similar fields. Thus, their job opportunity is significantly expanded locally and abroad.
  • Professional Foundation: With an education in the UAE, students gain insight into the technological culture of the area and how that fits into global culture. Additionally, they create an international professional network with professors and classmates.
  • Prepare for Higher Academic Programs: With foundational computer science knowledge, students are prepared to seek enrolment in advanced degree programs. They are ready to specialise their experience and build upon what they already know.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Computer Science?

Graduates from an undergraduate computer science program have a broad range of opportunities awaiting them. Professionally, entry-level professionals with this degree can secure these positions:

  • Web Designer: Designers ensure the website is enticing to visitors and encourages them to keep using the site. They focus on aesthetics and may work closely with developers to implement their programs.
  • Web Developer: There are several subsets of web developers like full stack, front end and back end. The front end developer focuses on the user experience, while the back end focuses on the sites structure. Full stack developers can do it all and frequently work on special projects that require expansive knowledge.
  • IT Consultant: An IT consultant works to improve the efficiency and structure of an organization’s hard and/or software applications. They advise clients on how to use information technology to its maximum efficiency.
  • Video Game Designer: These professional designers focus on the look and feel of a video game and user interface. Similar to a web developer, a video game designer may work closely with video game developers to create the consumer game.
  • System Developer: A system developer creates hard and software systems for their client based on the client’s needs. They must have excellent knowledge of all elements of computer science to work effectively.

Start searching for your ideal university today to jumpstart your education. In a few years, you will be on your way to a successful professional career.