Bachelor of Computer Science in Canada

Bachelor of Computer Science in Canada

A Bachelor of Computer Science in Canada is an undergraduate degree awarded to students via an accredited university. Students learn the underlying principles and basics of computer science in preparation for their future professional and academic careers. Canada offers many options to domestic and international students wishing to study this growing professional field.

What Is a Bachelor of Computer Science?

A Bachelor of Computer Science program lasts three years and covers an extensive set of computer science basics. Students must complete general education requirements in addition to their computer science focused courses. Typical coursework may include:

  • Mathematics: Depending on the program, students may be asked to complete several advanced levels of mathematics. Classes may include Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics and Discrete Structures.
  • Programming Languages: Many institutions will begin the program teaching basic C language functions and programs. Afterwards, students will learn a range of languages like Ruby and Python.
  • Software Development: From the initial planning stage, to program implementation, students learn how to build software. They will likely use their knowledge of programming languages to do so.
  • Operating Systems: Students learn how to work with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. They learn the differences in trouble shooting and writing programs for each.
  • Video Game Specialisation: Some universities offer video game specialization or concentration. For this program, students will focus on developing the skills needed to build a complete video game for consumer play.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Computer Science?

After completing an undergraduate computer science course, students can enter the work force or high level academia with these competitive advantages:  

  • Guided Learning: Computer science is famously challenging, so it helps students to have a strong support system of professors and tutors. Additionally, students have the chance to work with peers for group study.
  • Better Salary: With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, graduates can expect to see a reasonable jump in their expected starting salary. In modern society, knowledgeable computer science professionals are highly valued.
  • Expanded Job Opportunities: An undergraduate degree in computer science qualifies students for an incredible range of positions. As such, their job opportunities significantly expand with the degree.
  • Develop Professional Network: Professional networks help students find jobs and internships. They begin building these networks with their peers, professors and mentors from university.
  • Preparation for Advanced Academic Work: A Bachelor’s in Computer Science lays the groundwork for advanced academic programs in the subject. With their knowledge of math and languages, they are prepared for more difficult challenges.  

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Computer Science?

The computer science field continues to grow as new technology is invented. As such, graduates have a broad range of niches to choose from with their degree. Common entry-level positions for a recent graduate may include:

  • Front End Developer: The front end web developer focuses on the user experience portion of an application or web site. Everything from the buttons to the moving effects is created with front end knowledge.
  • Back End Developer: The back end web developer builds the structures a user does not see. The administrative interface, coupon application, and a myriad of similar tasks are the responsibility of the back end developer.
  • Full Stack Developer: A full stack developer is a jack-of-all-trades. This professional frequently works alone, but they are no strangers to group work. They are typically tasked with projects that require a full front to back knowledge of web development.
  • IT Consultant: An IT consultant may be the first person contacted when technology begins to malfunction. IT consultants may work with hardware or software depending on the needs of the client.
  • Video Game Programmer: Video game programming is a niche of its own in computer science. These professionals build games for a living and are responsible for catching glitches and bugs before consumers do.
  • Web Designer: The web designer is likely to work closely with web developers. However, as the title suggests, they focus more on designing the look and feel of the website as opposed to building it.

Start searching for the perfect undergraduate computer science program for you. Be sure to consider any specialisations you might be interested in and check if your potential school offers that course of study.