Bachelor of Animation

Bachelor of Animation

A Bachelor of Animation is an undergraduate degree program that is offered around the world at various institutions. This type of program is designed to help prepare students to enter careers as animators, storyboard writers and computer animators. Preparation includes in-depth experience dealing with medium and form, content and storytelling skills, all of which sets students on a clear path to building a valuable and rewarding career in the industry.

What is a Bachelor of Animation?

No matter which Bachelor of Animation program students choose to enter, they will be required to take many of the same courses. This includes basic, foundational studies that are required for advancement in the degree as well as many more specialised courses. They include:

  • Form and Space
  • Elements and Organization
  • Composition and Media
  • 3-D Form in Space
  • Principles of 2-D Animation
  • Principles of 3-D Animation
  • Computer Art Applications

Although students are often given the opportunity to specialise in various aspects of animation, they are often required to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic principles surrounding the other areas. This include 2-D animation, computer animation, character animation and interactive animation.

It is also common for students to be required to fill a senior project requirement. These projects are meant to showcase all of the skills and knowledge students gained during their time in the program. Some schools may allow students to take additional coursework in lieu of the senior project, but most have it as a strict requirement.  

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Animation?

There are many excellent benefits to pursing Bachelor degree programs in Animation. These programs allow students to work with many of the leading professionals in the field who are actively perfecting their craft. Animation is an incredibly competitive career field, so students who earn a bachelor degree are much more marketable as well and makes them more likely to attract the attention of a prominent studio. Working with more prominent companies may also translate into a greater earning potential.

Another benefit includes the ability to experience further educational opportunities in pursuit of a Master’s degree and PhD.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Animation?

A Bachelor in Animation is a highly specialised degree that gives students a skill set that does not translate well to many other industries, so students should be aware of their desired career path prior to entering a program. However, there are a wide variety of careers within the industry from which students can choose. This includes:

  • 3D Modelers or Trackers
  • Character Animators
  • Compositing Artist
  • Creative Project Manager
  • Graphic Programmer
  • Layout Artist
  • Production Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Technical Director

Among these careers, character animators are some of the most highly-skilled and sought after professionals. These artists are responsible for designing and creating animated characters using 2-D animation, animation software, puppetry and 3-D modeling. They are ultimately responsible for telling a story through their characters’ movements.

Creative project manager is another career often chosen by graduates. These animators are responsible for managing projects from conceptualisation to the project’s end. This requires a deep understanding and experience with many areas of animation. Many creative project managers must first gain experience and knowledge of animation as animators, layout artists, and storyboard artists before they are prepared for this role.