Bachelor’s in Professional Studies

Bachelor’s in Professional Studies

A Bachelor’s in Professional Studies is typically an interdisciplinary degree program tailored to students who are aiming to work in a specific field. Because of its general nature, students usually select a particular focus to train their studies towards. Universities around the world offer Professional Studies programs in which students can take preparatory courses for careers in their field. The degree’s general nature makes it ideal for students who want to explore interdisciplinary study and different career options.

What is a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies?

A Bachelor’s in Professional Studies imparts a number of fundamental concepts that are essential to a professional career. The opportunities afforded by the degree will primarily depend on the specialization chosen by the student. Regardless of the trajectory taken, however, the degree equips students with communication and professional skills that are applicable to a number of sectors. Courses that you may encounter in the program include:

  • Civic and Global Learning.
  • Written and Oral Communication.
  • Organizational Leadership.
  • Essentials of Business.
  • Concepts of Management.

These courses equip students to succeed in whatever profession and focus they may choose.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies?

A Bachelor’s in Professional Studies offers the general benefits of an accredited degree. You can expect greater job prospects, as well as higher salary potential. There are plenty of other benefits, though, in addition to these. Some of them include:

  • Take advantage of internships in the field of your degree’s focus.
  • Learn directly from teachers who have worked and advanced in the profession you have chosen.
  • Develop communication and business skills that are applicable to positions in nearly any field.
  • Continue your studies.
  • Become qualified for supervisory or managerial positions with your Bachelor’s degree.

A professional studies degree acquaints students with the skills and knowledge essential to their chosen job. This, in addition to its flexible focus, make it a benefit to many students.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies?

Because a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies is designed to allow students to pick a profession, the job opportunities correlate to the focus of the degree. Some of the most common specializations in the program, however, are Paralegal Studies, Police Science, Real Estate and Culinary Arts.

For students who obtain a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies with a specialization in Paralegal Studies, they can qualify for paralegal positions, with job duties that include:

  • Prepare for hearings.
  • Manage documents in law office.
  • Conduct legal research.
  • Draft legal documents.

Courses in a professional studies paralegal program, will typically cover these and most other skills necessary for the job.

Coursework for a position in real estate will focus on different knowledge. A real estate job, for example, might entail the following:

  • Research neighborhoods and homes for sale.
  • Partner with prospective buyers to find homes.
  • Handle real estate transactions to buy and sell homes.
  • Marketing to homeowners in the area.

A professional studies degree with this focus will cover these and other relevant skills. There are many schools to choose from when it comes to your Bachelor’s in Professional Studies. Select one and begin your studies today.