Bachelor of Business in the UAE

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Bachelor of Business in the UAE

The UAE is an emerging market with plenty to offer for prospective business school students. New educational opportunities have arisen to meet the needs of its growing population. Business leaders are trained in new campuses that combine the best resources from all over the world. A Bachelor of Business in the UAE is an investment in a stable and successful career in business.

What is a Bachelor of Business in the UAE?

A Bachelor of Business in the UAE is an undergraduate degree that requires four years of full time study to complete. Students work to earn enough credits to receive their diplomas. Courses built on one another become progressively more challenging. Graduates are prepared to enter the business world as leaders, managers, and administrators.

In the first two years of study, core business fundamentals are covered. Students must master these basic subjects before advancing to more challenging topics:

  • Business Law: Contracts, Taxation, Regulations.
  • Money Matters: Finances, Accounting.
  • Marketing: Brand Image, Communication.
  • Theory: Economics, Organizational Relationships
  • Management: Leadership, Conflict Resolution
  • Business Structures: Supply Chain Networks, Vendor Management.

Upper division coursework is further divided into subcategories, allowing the students to focus on a specific area of study. Those interested in learning to lead large groups of employees may decide to concentrate on management. Students that want to work with the money and cash flow problems will study accounting. Those that prefer to organize processes, focus on learning the techniques of business operations.

Graduates must complete group projects that demonstrate an interdisciplinary mastery of all subjects. They must also demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively in teams. These educational experiences are designed to create leadership skills and produce productive employees.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Business in the UAE?

The vast cultural differences between the Western business world and the Middle East can be staggering. Companies in the UAE are run by a very different set of priorities than firms in the West. Religious and cultural differences impact workplace relationships, and businesses must also finance their operations using different rules. It is important for the next generation of leaders to have more than a passing understanding of these differences. Studying business in this culture bridges the gap between the two worlds.

The Middle East is a cosmopolitan region. This small collection of countries is located near the crossroads of international trade. It is also an area that supplies much of the world’s energy needs. Large international businesses have established a presence, and nearly every nationality is represented. Those who are enrolled in the UAE have the best opportunity to network with future business leaders from all over the world. Some students may also prefer this environment for religious or cultural reasons.

The programs found in the UAE are relatively new, but the recently developed facilities are cutting edge. Education programs have been designed to provide training for the region as its economy switches from oil exports to technology and business innovations. Many are integrated with satellite university campuses sponsored by other internationally renowned institutions.  

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Business in the UAE?

Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce with highly developed leadership skills. They initially find employment as assistant managers or managers in training within a variety of industries. Each successful project earns more and more responsibility and increasing wages. They can supervise staff or lead special project teams. Many eventually rise to the highest level of a company’s leadership hierarchy.

A Bachelor of Business in the UAE is a good start, but a Master’s Degree in Business Administration furthers your career. With additional training, students take the lessons they learned in their undergraduate work to the next level. An MBA qualifies the graduate for senior level and executive management positions.

The business skills learned during the course of study can be applied to new startup companies as well. Entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of their training. They can profit from unexplored opportunities in the market. Graduates may exploit a new product that only needs to be marketed correctly, or an underserviced minority in a community.

A Bachelor of Business in the UAE is a fantastic degree for those who want to accelerate their careers. The cosmopolitan setting of universities in this region make it an ideal location for those interested in international careers. The quality of the education offered has been brought up to regional standards, and these degrees qualify graduates to pursue higher levels of education as well.