Bachelor of Architecture in the US

Bachelor of Architecture in the US

A Bachelor of Architecture in the US provides students with the education and coursework necessary to enter the architecture industry. Deciding to study architecture in the US provides international students with opportunities to appreciate the diverse and unique building structures that America has to offer, such as the Empire State Building in New York, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

What Is a Bachelor of Architecture in the US?

Architectural students typically enroll in programs offering specific studies according to their specialisation. Emphasis is placed on architectural design, history, building technology, and art theory. The core curriculum of a Bachelor of Architecture in the US program familiarises students with the forms, products, and innovations of building. Collaborative and dynamic learning experiences in the program include:

  • Architectural history and structural design concepts.
  • Analysis of buildings, texts, and drawings.
  • Building materials, technologies, and methods.
  • Landscaping and architectural analysis of cities.
  • Professional design and practice methods.
  • Techniques of freehand architectural drawing.
  • National and international Internship opportunities.

Bachelor of Architecture students studying in the US are educated in construction design, technologies, and artistic expression. The objective is to introduce architecture in the US as a profession, and a means of exploring diverse structures in the country and throughout the world. It is useful as a framework in the architectural field, and as preparation for employment opportunities in architecture and design-related careers, and also for continuing education in an accredited professional Master’s in Architecture.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Architecture in the US?

While there are many reasons for college-bound students to consider enrolling in a Bachelor of Architecture in the US, a few of the most significant benefits include:

  • Wide range of architectural specialties.
  • Unique opportunity to study American building structures.
  • World-renowned architectural schools, such as the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, Cornell University in New York, and Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Earning a Bachelor of Architecture from a US school is beneficial to students because they offer professional connections to help with employment in America after graduation. Many also offer internships to work in the American architecture industry, which can lead to a full-time job offer.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Architecture in the US?

Graduates of a Bachelor of Architecture in the US have plenty of career choices in a variety of specialisations. For instance, some American schools have alumni who work for major city planners, while others seek jobs in industries such as international and regional architecture, historical preservation, drafting, and industrial design. Students studying architecture can explore the possibilities of becoming an architectural engineer or designer. Certifications and licensures can help them advance in their careers and vary depending on the country in which they elect to work.

Architectural Engineers ensure that the various systems within a structure, building, or complex are safe and compliant with city and state regulations. This includes the structural integrity of buildings, energy conservation issues, and efficiency of electrical, fire, and plumbing systems.

An Architectural Designer is another career opportunity for graduates of a Bachelor of Architecture in the US. Architectural designers perform duties similar to drafters, working with computer aided drafting (CAD) programs to ensure that building designs are achievable. They focus on the actual design of buildings rather than the construction aspects. Some essential duties of the position include:

  • Assessing the building and user needs, and advising the client of the practicality of the proposed project.
  • Performing regular site visits to evaluate progress and ensure that the project is within deadlines and financial budgets.
  • Producing detailed specifications and drawings to specify the nature and quality of materials necessary for the project.
  • Managing and coordinating the work of contractors on the project.

While it is possible to qualify for positions as an architectural designer with a bachelor’s degree, large companies may favour applicants with certifications and licensures alongside a graduate degree in Architecture.

Those who choose to take a more unique career path with their undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture degree that they earn in the US, may prefer the idea of exploring careers in related industries, such as:

  • Technology (computer-assisted designers and software developers)
  • Art (sketch artists, painters, and interior designers)
  • Engineering (Architectural engineers)

There is a broad array of Bachelor of Architecture programs available in the US available. Make sure to choose a specific specialisation and begin exploring your choices today.