Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE

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Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE

A Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE gives graduates a firm foundation in architectural technology. With this knowledge base, students can move on to entry-level positions in the field of architecture, in a variety of capacities. The UAE offers a variety of undergraduate educational facilities for local and international students.  

What Is a Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE?

In the UAE, many universities share a connection to a European or American university. However, there is also a range of public and private local institutions. A typical course of study lasts for three to four years. For schools that feature a large design project, students can generally expect a four-year course of study. Coursework may include:

  • Construction Technology: Because architectural design leads to an eventual construction project, it is important for students to understand the purpose and implementation of a wide range of construction technology. In many cases, this knowledge allows students to better plan projects based on budgetary and other constraints.
  • Design: Design coursework may focus on a range of topics including, technology used, implementation, scaling and more. Design is likely to be a large part of the students’ practical projects over the course of their study.
  • Mathematics: Students are likely to take math courses specifically tuned for architectural studies. As such, classwork might focus on the functions and tools used to scale projects accurately.
  • Environment and Behavior: Architectural planning must account for the natural environment. For example, if the area is prone to earthquakes, the design should pay close attention to stability precautions.
  • Electrical Building Services: Modern architectural designers must keep in mind electrical and energy needs for a given project. Students will learn about circuitry and how it will apply to their professional work.
  • Portfolio Project: Depending on the course, students may spend a majority of their last semesters preparing a full portfolio project. The project should showcase what they have learned and can be used during their future job search.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE?

After completing a Bachelor’s degree, students are prepared to either seek entry-level employment in the architectural field, or move on to advanced programs in a similar subject. Following their program, students can enjoy these benefits:

  • Advanced Academic Groundwork: A Bachelor’s of Architecture lays the groundwork for any advanced degrees students may seek in the future. While advanced degree programs frequently focus on specialised knowledge, the undergraduate degree serves as foundation.
  • Salary Increase: Many employers value an undergraduate degree in the same way that they value work experience. The degree shows the graduate’s merit and ensures a certain level of familiarity with the work ahead.
  • Wider Job Pool: A Bachelor’s degree ensures students qualify for a wider job pool. In fact, the degree will likely help students qualify for more advanced positions.
  • Professional Foundation: An undergraduate degree in architecture gives students the chance to get familiar with their industry’s most commonly used technologies. They have a chance to test and prove their skills before seeking employment.  
  • Personal Development: Undergraduate degrees develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills, turning them into better thinkers and problem solvers. These skills serve in a wide variety of industries.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Architecture in the UAE?

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, students have the opportunity to seek several positions related to their degree. Many graduates wish to become an architect and can successfully find entry-level employment with an undergraduate degree. While an entry-level architect will likely not oversee every aspect of a project, they frequently contribute to the following tasks:

  • Discuss the parameters of a project including timeline, site selection and budgets.
  • Update client with detailed sketches, designs and 3D (digital or tangible) design renderings.
  • Regularly check build site for progress and potential issues.
  • Manage the project’s environmental impact.

Graduates may also choose to pursue the field of architectural technology. Architectural technologists focus acutely on the technology aspect of the field. Senior technologists lead the project from inception to completion, while entry-level professionals manage a myriad of smaller elements like:

  • Technical design
  • Construction technology
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental Impact
  • Building/project performance
  • Overall design

The UAE offers an array of undergraduate architecture programs. Whether you are a local or an international student, start exploring your options and get started on a new career today.

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